Feb 18, 2012

A Bottle with Valentines.

For those of you who read the adventure “Paso Robles 46 East(mostly)" you will be a bit familiar with Epoch Wines. As you may remember we were not in the best shape to make public judgments about the wine that afternoon and so we didn’t. However we did purchase some based on what we believed to be good value. So February 14 was Valentines Day and Koala was preparing his famous (or soon to be) rack of lamb for dinner. The biggest decision of the evening was what wine to go with this potentially amazing meal. The wine fridge stock has a price range from $12 -$280 with most in the $30-$100 range. There was a wrinkle in the process though, as the dinner was for three, with one not drinking and the other a discount shopper. What to do, as Koala wanted a nice wine to enjoy with his lamb but not wanting his guest to feel awkward with expensive wine (expensive is a personal perspective or budget).
While rummaging through his wine fridge he came upon a bottle of Epoch 2009 Estate Blend. Its comprised of 60% Syrah, 19% Grenache, 9% Tempranillo, 8% Zinfandel and 4% Mourvedre aged for 20mths in 38% new French Oak.  To quote the makers “The five different varieties form a cohesive, expressive wine with great texture.” Koala would agree and found it to be a great companion to his expertly prepared Rack of Lamb.
A 7 and as memory has it a **** purchase. Note to us “must go back to Epoch”. Road trip!

Happy Hallmark Days! Cheers,
   Kiwi and Koala

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