Oct 18, 2014

A (make it) long weekend in Paso Robles

Paso Robles is one crackin place for an extended wine weekend. Oh my where to start. There are so many great wineries and restaurants in Paso Robles it could take decades of wine Adventure weekends to visit most. We have been lucky enough to be able to get a taste of many through events like the Paso Robles Wine Festival, The Paso Robles Rhone Rangers and The Paso Robles Cab Collective as well as years of wine tasting visits. One of a number of good resources for things going on in Paso Robles is Travel Paso or Paso Wine.

First off you need to pick a base of operations from which to set about wine tasting, and in the evenings dining. One of our favorites to stay at is the Paso Robles Inn. A historic and beautiful place with a mix of old and new and a great place for a hearty start your day breakfast. Also if you are too worn out to head out for dinner at night they have a great selection of dinner choices as well at their Cattleman's Lounge or the Steakhouse (they do an awesome lunch to). Look there are some fab hotels and B&Bs so choice of style, location and price is vast, just book early. Paso Robles also has many great, yes great, places to eat. No, not eat, dine! From one of Paso's original great restaurants serving fine French food at Bisro Laurent, to Buona Tavola for wonderful Northern Italian and Artisan and Villa Creek for eclectic and modern style dishes to seduce your taste buds.

Paso Robles is a fairly large wine region and has some very different areas to visit. Hence the recent approval to break it into 11 AVA's. Whether you try to hit a couple in each area or just start with one area and plan to do another in your next visit is up to you. From a driving around point of view Paso is sort of brakes down in to these regions;
East side, North and South and 46 corridor.
West side, Adelaida Road or Highway 46 West and the Backroads Wineries.
Even in Town there are enough tasting rooms to keep you busy all weekend.
Where should you go for your first weekend? With somewhere over 200 choices deciding where to go will be overwhelming. We know that every time we head to Paso it is tough to decide the balance of favorites and new discoveries.

Here is a printable PDF Map

The following are some of our favorites broken up by day trip grouping by the driving areas we fell make it more efficient. Just a starter to get you going.

Some stops in town while walking around enjoying the park and boutique shops.
Herman Story Wines
Asunction Ridge (great B&B also)
LXV Wine
Burbank Ranch Winery (light lunch)

46 East side South,
Pomar Junction
Cass Wines (great for lunch as well)
Bianchi Winery
Tobin James Cellars

46 East corridor,
Broken Earth Winery
Eberle Winery (don't miss the cave tour)
Vina Robles (check out the concert series)
Mitchella Vineyards (small but special)

46 East side North
Ranchita Canyon Vineyard
Villa San Juliette
J Lohr Winery
Silver Horse Winery

Adelaida Road,
Chronic Cellars
Alta Colina (Great burgers during the summer)
Adelaida Cellars
Lone Madrone Winery (cider tastings as well)

Way back-roads wineries,
Justin Winery (lunch or dinner on the weekends)
Halter Ranch Vineyard
Tablas Creek Vineyard
Hammersky Vineyards (great Inn)

46 West Corridor
Ecluse Winery
Grey Wolf
Hunt Cellars
Croad Vineyards (Kiwi)
Red Soles Winery
Booker Wines

This is the tip of the iceberg as far as wineries to visit. While we have been to and have had good experiences at all these wineries there are many great ones we have not listed. We are also going to keep exploring this wonderful wine region to enjoy and write about our experiences.

Get out your calendar and book a stay and get into one of the great wine regions.

Happy Wine Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala
View from the deck at Croad Vineyards