Official Rating Scales

The WineWalkabout official

Restaurant, Hotel and Travel Rating Scale

Must Do / Go
Good, Would Go Back
Yeah it's OK
Probably not - If they ask us back we would give them a second chance (sometimes stuff happens)
Moving on / Don’t stop

The Official Wine Rating Scale

1- down the drain.
2- send it to the in-laws, they drink anything (they put ice in their wine)
3- pour for drunk friends (don’t waste good wine on drunks)
4- take it to other people’s BBQ parties (it’s OK wine, you will drink it rather than share your good stuff, plonk)
5- spaghetti wine, good every day wine that you choose to drink, usually great value
6- good wine, week night home special meal (cooking good meat)
7- great drop, fine dinner wine (take to restaurant with friends)
8- excellent, very special occasion (share with wine friends)
9- awesome, dam near perfect
10- brilliant, perfect (rare find indeed)
11- a religious experience. (you make noises as you drink and you don’t care)
$0 - $25 ****
$26 - $50 ***
$51 - $100 **
$101 - $200 *
$201 <   no stars for you!


  1. Excellent wine rating scale!

  2. Finally a wine rating scale I can get behind!

  3. You guys crack me up. NO STARS FOR YOU! ha ha ha too funny

  4. Seems legit fellas.

  5. I see what you did there 'no stars for you' love it. Probably should be at $100 though 👍🍷


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