Aug 21, 2016

Artisans of the Barossa

Up in the Barossa Valley? Tasting wine but starting to get hungry? Oh what to do? Do what we do...

Head on over to Artisans of the Barossa. With a fantastic setup that features, Hobbs of Barossa RangesJohn Duval Wines, MassenaSchwarz Wine CoSons of Eden and Spinifex.

Artisans of Barossa was originally formed in February 2006 by this group of six producers with different winemaking styles making fine small batch wines. In a region renowned for its long lunch this is a great place to experience and adopt the philosophy. With a menu that has stuff for the foodie type and some good wholesome food for those of us that want something to eat everyone will be happy.

They are open everyday and late on Fridays for that end of the week get together.

We usually head on over and enjoy a taste and a feed with a spectacular view and friendly knowledgeable staff. The wines are well worth the visit and the wonderful food is a fantastic bonus. The fact that it is a beautiful place with a spectacular view of the valley is truly icing on the cake.

They offer Premium tastings in the Artisans Lounge every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These tastings can be organised during the week by appointment by contacting the Tasting Room on 08 8563 3935 or via

To make a booking or for further information:
(08) 8563-3935
Bookings essential for groups of 8 or more.
11.00am to 6.00pm daily, including Public Holidays.
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday
cnr Light Pass & Magnolia Rds Tanunda SA 5353
So if you are in the Barossa Valley, head on over to Artisans of the Barossa and check it out. The good people at Artisans of the Barossa will take you through a great tasting and introduce you to the wonderful tradition of the long lunch.

Happy Wine Adventures,

Aug 6, 2016

Wine accessories for fun and function, CapaBunga!

There are a ton of fun and functional wine accessories on the market. Recently we were sent some to play with and try out. Not being ones to typically use these types of things it was an opportunity for us to have some fun. We received three different products. The products came from Capabunga (click to see)

The first accessory we tried was the CapaBunga CapaBubbles. A cap to keep your bubbles, well bubbly. We found it to easy to use and performed well. We unfortunately did not have the discipline to wait a whole week to see if it does as claimed but for a few days it was perfect. Here is what they say and other than the week statement have to say we continue to use it regularly.
Buy here

  • Transform your sparkling wine bottle into a screw cap     
  • Keeps your wine and bubbles fresh for up to one week
  • Simply clip the base around the bottle neck, then screw on the cap for an air-tight seal
  • Easy to use, instructions included on packaging
  • Great gift idea

Next was the bottle reusable caps for resealing your open bottles.
These are way cool for use outside when you want to keep nature out of the open bottle. Easy on and off and means there are no gnats swimming in the wine.

Putting the cap on fully is the key to safe lay down non leaking wine storage. We tested a bottle 3/4 full in the refrigerator, put the cap on and then laid it out on the counter with the cap over the sink and let the bottle come up to room temp. No leakage! The only issue we had was with a bottle that we did not put the cap on properly. 

Finally we come to the fun accessory. The CapaBunga Unique Wine Glass Identifiers and Name Tags Slogans. These inexpensive entertaining wine glass identifiers offer a double opportunity. First off there is the entertaining slogans that come imprinted on the silicone ring. Then there is the opportunity to turn them over and create your own snarky slogans or just simply put names on them for your guests. 

  • 6 Unique Slogans for each member of your party or tasting event.
  • Write on, wipe off, reuse.
  • Made with Silicone for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Slips around the base of any stemmed glass.
  • A personal name tag for your drink - Designed by Capabunga

Some fun accessories that we continue to enjoy. They even have other accessories that take care of cheese, aerators and pourers. We even used them as Olympic rings as we sipped Moscato while watching the opening ceremonies.

Happy Wine Adventures,