Mar 10, 2012

Carmel Valley Adventures Georis.

 On what was an amazingly beautiful Californian winter day of 70deg the Georis tasting area is a must stop. For the pure pleasure of being able to sit outside and enjoy the afore mentioned amazing day. Located in beautiful Carmel Valley in Monterey County it is hard to be in a better location. There’s a bird cage full of Budgies and other small cockatiels. There’s umbrellas with Tibetan Prayer Flags all in a lovely garden setting with small water features. The two choices are in flights and are the basis for your wine tasting experience. The first choice is a mix of whites and reds with the second being all reds. A plate of engaging cheeses and breads is also included. The choice to order some pizza and other foods is also on offer. (the staff forgot to get ours started). Sitting there enjoying the day with friends and loved one's in such a great setting drinking wine is hard to beat.

A very nice experience in a beautiful environment with good wines, all 5 plus and good value at *** and ****, but Georis really is a must stop on a nice day just because it is so pleasant and is such a great setting.

So pick a warm sunny day and go enjoy Georis, we 'recommend' you do! Hope you get your pizza, they looked good.
Happy Tasting,

Kiwi & Koala

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