Jun 5, 2012

A visit to Hunt Cellars, Paso Robles California

That darned Kiwi called at the ungodly hour of 10am on Saturday morning. Like an excited puppy dog with a great idea that could not wait, he wanted to drive to Paso Robles and see what Koala was talking about after the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Grand Tasting when he mentioned Hunt Cellars as a must taste.

Plus his missus was away...So who in their right mind could turn that idea down? So off we went like a bucket of prawns in the sun to Hunt Cellars. As you drive along the scenic Highway 46 West, about three miles west of the 101 Fwy arriving at Oakdale Road, you will find Hunt Cellars. In 1997 they began producing their first releases of memorable wines from the 550 acres of Creston road. This unique property met their criteria in topography and soil composition. Within the 550 acres there were four terrior’s identified with varying elevations containing soil composites that mirror the great wine regions of the world. Experience has taught David Hunt that in order to make great wines you must simply have the best fruit.

Arriving at the tasting room we were greeted warmly. As we strolled up to the Cabernet Bar, the friendly staff set us up with glasses and the tasting list and eagerly led us through a light hearted and fun sampling of wines. The wine list is full of great selections that will make anyone happy and some are exceptional. The wines can be purchased online but we recommend a visit to the tasting room. We’re pretty sure that David will not whinge about selling to you online but it’s a beautiful spot. The wine we purchased was the 2005 Thriller. We know we copied each other which we do try not to do, but we were not paying attention and it just happened by chance.

The 2005 Thriller has wonderful soft layered red and dark fruit and subtle earthiness, with nice balance and an long easy finish that begs for another sip. This is a unique blend of Syrah, Cabernet, Petite Sirah, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Cab Franc, of which David will not disclose the magic mix information. A solid 7+ and ***. Overall a great group of wines for tasting, worthy of a return visit, and hopefully a wander in the vineyards, with some time spent with the man behind the magic. A worthwhile stop if you find yourself in the Paso Robles area.

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Happy Wine Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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