May 17, 2013

Eberle Winery, Paso Robles

After attending the recent Paso Robles CAB Collective event, we were reminded of a few wineries that we had overlooked for a while. Given that reminder, on a recent visit to Paso Robles a stop by one of the most iconic tasting rooms in Paso was in order. Pulling into the driveway of Eberle Winery it was, in a way, a bit of a homecoming for Koala, as Cabernet was one of the first wine's he fell in love with, and Eberle was a part of that romance. Entering the traditional way by rubbing the boar nose and tossing a coin in the fountain, it was into the tasting room.
The German name "Eberle" translates to "small boar." At Eberle Winery, a bronze boar is at the entry to the tasting room to greet every guest who visits. It is considered good luck to rub the boar's nose and toss a coin in the water below (All money collected at the Eberle boar fountain is donated to local children's charities). 
Walking into the tasting room was almost like a bit of a homecoming. It has been almost ten years since the last visit and there is just no excuse...

The Eberle staff was great, and helped Koala settle in by asking the right questions to help ensure a great tasting. Of course, not wanting to make it too easy on them Koala had to be a bit elusive and put the staff on the spot, and had them just guide him through the tasting. Things were going great when about halfway through the tasting, the offer to a tour the facilities and the famous Eberle Caves came up. Miss that, no way! These extensive caves are very cool. Yes, both in temperature and well, yes, like as in way cool. Down below the surface 35 feet or so these tunnels are lined with barrels and also there is a wonderful banquet room called the Wild Boar Room. This space will set 100 at the dinner tables and looks amazing. Another amazing space is the VIP tasting area (read cool).
After the tour it was back to the tasting list and into the wines that for some is what Eberle is revered for. The Steinbeck Vineyard Syrah, the Cabernet / Syrah blend and the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. A group of wines that are a wonderful representation of Paso Robles wine full stop (or, period, for you Americans)! A beaut of a tasting with an unexpected addition of the tour that anyone of you can have. If you go to Paso Robles, we 'recommend' you stop by Eberle and experience a winery of iconic significance in Paso Robles.

Kiwi & Koala

Eberle is open from 10:00 am-5:00 pm during the months of October through March, and 10:00 am-6:00pm April through September. 

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  1. Is that rousseau, I see in one of the pics? #winerydog love!


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