Jun 4, 2013

Enthralling Fattoria Di Fubbiano,

"Il vino rende lieto il cuore"

"Wine make's your heart happy" ~ Tommaso d'Aquino

The Villa, set among olive groves and vineyards was already listed in tax records as far back as 1392 and is the heart of the estate. This property has been in continuous operation since 1694.

This historic property is Fattoria di Fubbianoand is only 15 km from Lucca, 65 km from Florence or  35 km from the Pisa airport and along the Lucca hills, between the villages of Tofori and San Gennaro, an area where wine has been produced since the 14th century. 

This estate property covers about 45 hectares and they have just finished and started using their new winery building. 20 hectares are used for wine production with an average annual yield of around 100.000 bottles.
This new state of the art facility is hidden into a hillside and doubles as a shaded plaza area that can be used for large gatherings. There are discreetly camouflaged openings hidden into the covered area floor, and when the the grape harvest is delivered they are opened and the grapes go through the floor of the plaza which is the roof of the winery. 

This is just one of a number of things that have been enhanced and about to be enhanced on this property. 
With the new winery area up and running the barrels were all relocated there and that made for a vacated space that is now set up for lots of smaller group tastings or a very large event. The room was just fantastic.

The Villa is currently being restored and will be used as a B&B once complete. We would be lying if we said we did not want to come back and stay. It was stunning. They have a lot here besides wine and a place to stay, with farm tours and cooking classes, the whole Agritourism experience (next time).

The old barrel room
After Chiara gave us a lovely tour of the facilities it was time for us to put our finely tuned palates to work. As fate, luck, or just strange happenstance would have it, we had had a bottle of the hall mark wine from Fattoria di Fabbiano while relaxing at an outdoor restaurant in Lucca just a few days earlier. A bottle of 'First Love'. An inexpensive and lovely to drink wine, but also one with significant importance to the owner.

We enjoyed a great tasting of good olive oil and wines, as we broke the one bottle per person rule again.

This was to later become a predicament as packing wine bottles into a suitcase has its limits! Big last night in Italy headed our way!

This is a great facility with very good wines, and we 'recommend' you make an appointment and go check it out. Tell em we sent you...

Kiwi & Koala

The good news is that these wines are available in the USA through APS Wines and Spirits. www.apswine.com
Afternoon tea in Lucca, Italy


  1. Wow, now have another bucket list place to visit. Amazing history.

  2. We are planning a trip later this summer and loved this story. Hopefully we will be able to visit here and experience a wonderful visit like you did. Caio. Susan


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