Jan 27, 2014

Chocolate and Wine with a View

This Adventure is actually a return visit. A couple years ago an afternoon was spent sipping wine and nibbling chocolate with friends at Hahndorf Hill WineryIt was a great afternoon catching up will old friends and recounting stories of our youth with wonderful wine and chocolate.

It was time to revisit the Choco Vino experience and tell a more focused story. For this visit there will also be a few more photo's for your viewing pleasure and to give you a better feel for this wonderful experience.

A full menu of many many choices.
As you enter the glass-enclosed ChocoVino tasting room, with its spectacular views of the vineyard and the surrounding Hahndorf countryside, you start to get a feeling for what may come. The ChocoVino experience is based on the concept of terroir, and Larry and his team carefully select each chocolate course to perfectly pair with one of their red, rose or white wines and to take your senses on a journey of discovery while learning about gourmet chocolate and fine wine in a beautiful setting.

Some of the purest water on earth.
You may have never thought to experience chocolate with all five senses before; Five you question? Yes, even hearing the way the chocolate snaps. Lets just say that it’s a truly sublime experience that is a can’t miss that everyone, even foodies will enjoy.
The range of choices and combinations is quite large and they have options even for those who don't (gasp) drink wine. You have someone who is versed in the nuances of the process and who will walk you and your special guests through the experience.
Most of the wine and chocolate matches on the ChocoVino menu are priced at around $20 per person. However, for those who love chocolate but who may not drink, there is also a range of 'purely chocolate' experiences, as well as coffee, cake, a selection of gourmet platters and a regional cheese plate.

With so many choices this was mine.
There’s a reason chocolate is so heavenly. In mythology, wine and decadent delights are associated with the Greek god Dionysus, while the botanical name for the cacao tree is Theobroma Cacao, which means “food of the gods.”

Most understand the basics of tasting wine. The looking, swirling, smelling and the tasting. Well chocolate has a couple extra steps. you look at it, touch it, break it and listen for the sound (Good chocolate will have a distinct snap) then smell the freshly broken edges before tasting and savouring its delight.

A glass of Gruner. Because you should...
Once it’s broken, the freshly cracked edges deliver an enticing smell that make my mouth water in anticipation of the next step, which is to taste. I am told to be careful not to shove the square in my mouth, but to take a small piece and let it melt on my tongue. As the chocolate melts the flavors are released one-by-one. Im pretty good at following the instructions and it was eyeopening to discover just what you taste when you pay attention and focus.
A special treat, some wonderful Daintree Estates Chocolate
After my ChocoVino experience I was surprised with a glass of Hahndorf Hills famous Gruner Veintler. The current vintage is sold out and so it is now time to wait for the next release. It is easy to see why its all sold as it is an exceptionally lovely wine. My next surprise was to be treated to a taste of some chocolate from Australia. Two squares of Daintree Estates Chocolate. A Daintree Estates Milk and a Daintree Estates Dark Chocolate. These two were just amazing. While a huge fan of dark chocolate my family mostly all like milk so some Daintree Estates Milk Chocolate was purchased to share.
To quote Daintree Estates, 'Ten years ago, Daintree Estates was little more than a wild idea to do something no one in Australia had ever been game to try: to grow cocoa in Far North Queensland, then use that locally grown cocoa to create the finest quality chocolate, and do it in the most ethical and equitable way possible.'
All I can attest to is it was delicious!

Larry entertaining some tasters.
Hahndorf Hill Winery is one of those places that provides such a wonderful number of experiences that you could easily visit a half dozen times a year and not repeat yourself. Not only that, but it is also one of those places that you would, no should, take that special someone, the one who may be the one. Or the one who is the one. Take your Mum and Dad for a special treat or that group of especially close friends. A great place to celebrate any occasion with a special experience and for any visit to Adelaide a 'must do' Adventure.

Happy Tasting Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

The comfy inner tasting area.

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