Dec 14, 2014

6 Tried and True Wine Pairings for Traditional Foods

When you think about pairing wine with your food, you might think about fancy cheeses or gourmet meals. Although wine is obviously very complementary to these things, you can still pair wine with your favorite every day, traditional foods.

1. Salty Snacks with Champagne

If you love munching on salty snacks, such as salted peanuts, chips or pretzels, then you should consider pairing them with a nice, bubbly champagne. For some reason, the slight sweetness and fizzy flavor and consistency of champagne seems to go great with the salt in these popular snacks.

2. If the Meat or Sauce is White, Serve it With White Wine

Who says that you have to serve white wine with fancy meals? Instead, pair it with any white meat, such as fish or chicken, or any white sauce-based meal, such as an Alfredo dish. Even if you're making a casual skillet dinner during the week, your favorite white wine can wake it up a notch.

3. Serve Red Wine with Red Meat

If you are serving red meat, such as steak or a cheeseburger, then you should enjoy a glass of red wine with it. Even if you're having something basic, such as a burger that you made on the grill during an outside summer party, a glass of tart red wine can be the perfect complement.

4. Pair a Dry Red Wine with Cheese

Whether you're serving a cheese platter or a cheese-based dish, a dry red wine will go great with it. Even if you aren't going fancy with a nice cheese platter, you can serve your dry red wine with a grilled cheese sandwich or another basic cheese-based dish. Regardless, you're sure to enjoy the way that the wine pairs with the cheese.

5. Serve a Sweet Wine with Anything Sweet

If you are serving a sweet dessert, make sure that the wine that you serve is even sweeter. Even if you're just enjoying a nice dessert at home, such as a bowl of ice cream before you go to bed, a glass of sweet wine can pair very nicely with it.

6. Serve Dry Wine with Dark Chocolate

If you're munching on a nice, dark chocolate, then try pairing it with a dry red wine. The pairing is rich and decadent, and it tastes great.

As you can see, you can pair wine with all of your favorite foods, even if they are rather traditional. Try these tips, and your wine and meal pairing is sure to be perfect.

Guest post provided by special guest Crystalizeonline.

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