Jan 4, 2015

#WW 2014 Year in review

We drank o lot of wine in 2014. We drank a lot of good wine. We did find a few 1's and 2's as well. In looking back we also drank a lot of very enjoyable wines for very reasonable prices. A lot of **** wines. While some of these wines were really good some were good and very inexpensive making them great for a week night meal at any time. Wine to be shared and enjoyed because you can. We made a conscious decision to focus more on less expensive wines this last year to help make wine more accessible and more everyday drinkable to the average bloke n sheila. While we are not even suggesting that for **** price you can get the equivalent of a Penfolds Grange, an Alban Reva, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Pauillac or even a Two Hands Wines Bella's Garden Shiraz, Barossa Valley. But what you do get is wine to enjoy all the time that you can afford and then making the occasional foray into * and ** territory that much more exciting and the journey into NO STARS FOR YOU territory almost magical.

Presenting the wines of 2014...

#WW Odonata 2013 River Skimmer

Of the many dozens of wines we drank this last year, why these you ask? For starters they all punched above their price point. Most all of their price points were **** making them great value. They also made us stand back and think about the wine and price balance and how much we enjoyed drinking them. They had a great price and tasted great and could be enjoyed any time and with anyone. Heres hoping we find many more in 2015.

What were some of your favorite wines of 2014?

Happy Wine Adventures,



  1. love the pic of koala and kiwi!

    1. We just need to swap the cocktail glasses for wine glasses and it would be perfect. Cheers guys!


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