Feb 1, 2015

#WW Hearst Ranch Winery 2011 Petite Sirah

While enjoying a little R&R in the Cambria area on the California Coast a trip to Hears Castle was planned. Arriving in the area early we looked for something to kill some time. Oh look just across the road on the beautiful San Simeon bay is the old Historic Sebastian's General Store where low and behold was a wine tasting room. It is the tasting room of Hearst Ranch Winery.
What were we to do? As if...

A really cool place and a nice tasting room was to be a predictor of a great tasting experience. With friendly staff and a nice range of wines it sure hit the spot.

At the end of the tasting a selection of wine was purchased and the other night for dinner one was opened. Over the years we have not been the biggest fans of this particular variety but in recent years there seems to have been a move to make it a more approachable wine.

The wine we opened from Hearst Ranch Winery was their 2011 Petite Sirah. This was one of the best Petite Sirahs we have had in a long time. Here is what the winery says about how their wine tastes.

2011 Petite Sirah releases seductive blueberry, coffee, blackberry and dried violet aromas with each swirl in the glass. The flavor profile is driven with black fruit and blueberry, wrapped up in a raspberry, clove and fine grained tannic finish.  

This is a sexy siren of a wine will just simply seduce you. Once you have tasted it you will just not be able to get enough and before you know it you will be a wreck of remorse lying on the floor! Ok maybe a bit exaggerated but just to be clear, we warned you that you will fall under the spell.

To discover this wine was a **** purchase was just amazing. Rating it 7+. With a price that makes it a great weekly winner and a taste that makes it a great go out dinner wine this one is a must have in the wine fridge to cover you for almost any occasion.

Happy Wine Adventures,

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