Sep 27, 2015

Should everyone have a Little Black Dress?

Its almost always a good day when wine shows up in the mailbox unexpected. This time was no exception.

Opening the box was two bottles for our drinking pleasure. First off the label name. Little Black Dress. 

It brings to mind that sleek slightly fitted cleavage exposing breathtaking cocktail dress that just makes every man take a second look as you walk into the room. Oh and don't forget the strappy high heals either!

This wine is a bit more subtle as in a Little Black afternoon at the park dress. Not that this is a bad thing as that cocktail dress is a few hundred dollars and the afternoon in the park is just a handful of dollars.
The lovely surprise from Little Black Dress wines was a Very enjoyable Chardonnay and an easy drinking Pinot Noir.

The Pinot Noir is an easy drinking and enjoyable wine. With a light soft body and nice flavors of cherry and strawberry, and with an undertone of candied cherry, this wine is like that nice girl next door. You are always happy to see her but she is not the hottie you dream about. Again a great weekday wine because it tastes good and you can afford it whenever you want. Rating **** 5-6.

The Chardonnay is an enjoyable very inexpensive weekday afternoon (mothers little helper) tipple. With a surprisingly nice mouth feel with good flavors of apple and pear and a decent finish it certainly belies its very palatable price by drinking well above its price point. Rating **** 6.

The winemaker behind these Little Black Dress wines is Zidanelia. Born in Texas, raised in Argentina, fluent in Spanish, English and a bit of French (bloody overachiever). Zidanelia earned an Argentinean National Diploma of Oenology while working in the Andes growing region and then served in the cellar at Les Vignerons du Pays d’Enserune in France before coming to California and joining Fetzer Vineyards in Hopland. There she is known simply as Z.

Thanks to the good folks at Little Black Dress wines for sharing with us thee exceptional value wines.

Happy Wine Adventures,


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