Feb 7, 2016

World's First Instant Wine Chiller...

We were recently asked to do a story on a product or to have a guest blog about said same product. Since the product is not yet available to us to check out, we chose a different route. The Cryos Wine Chiller is about to hit the market and this is their article not ours. We are hoping they get it off the ground and send us one to fully test and then give you our opinion. It seems fairly interesting and may just do what a lot of other products have not.
In the meantime have a read and see if you may have an interest in this wine chiller and if you get one let us know what's up.

The Cryos Wine Chiller is the world’s first and only instant wine chiller.

There’s really only one thing that can destroy the taste of a good glass of wine, and that’s the temperature.  Serving wine at the wrong temperature significantly alters its flavor and aroma.   Using the Cryos Wine Chiller to chill your white or red wine is easy and quick.  For too many years, we’ve let circumstance dictate the temperature of our wine.  For example, if red wine is served too warm, it will taste harsh and alcoholic, and it will completely destroy the wine’s bouquet. It’s a common
misconception that red wine should not be chilled. Some red wines need to be chilled slightly, and the Cryos Wine Chiller can make that a reality.  On the other hand, if white wine is served too cold, say goodbye to its flavor. Regardless of the price, all wine is best enjoyed at its intended serving
temperature.  This is why some winemakers put the drinking temperature directly on the label; these wineries want you to enjoy their wine to its fullest potential.

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We realize that there are quite a few choices when it comes to chilling your
wine. Some products can take anywhere from thirty minutes to several hours
to reach the right serving temperature.  Imagine a friend stopping by with a
nice bottle of Chardonnay.  It’s not chilled, but the two of you would like to
enjoy a glass while you visit. What do you do? The freezer? That will take at
least fifteen minutes. The refrigerator? That will take 35-40 minutes. If you
forget about it, it could actually ruin the wine and burst.  How about ice cubes?
The ice will melt, leaving you with watered down wine.

In less than sixty seconds, your wine will be chilled to the desired
temperature, giving you the perfect taste.  With the Cryos’ brilliant touch screen
you can control all its functions. Choose a glass or bottle, red or white. No
matter what you choose, The Cryos Wine Chiller is always ready. Whether
you’re a party of 1 or 100, the Cryos Wine Chiller can meet any and every demand. The Cryos Wine Chiller can continuously chill more wine than can (or should ever be) consumed. 
Furthermore, its elegant design makes it a perfect fit for every home and under any cabinet. It can handle any wine glass from stemless to the tallest of stems. And if you’re chilling a bottle, the Cryos Wine Chiller can accommodate various types of decanters.
We would love for you to join us in our Kickstarter campaign.  Soon, we could all be enjoying our favorite wine instantly at the right temperature with the perfect taste.

So there you have it. Please let us know if you get one and what you think and maybe a bit down the road we can compare notes. We are hopeful we will get one to test and give you a first person review. The drinking temperature of wine is in our opinion a very under rated issue.

Happy Wine Adventures,

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