Nov 5, 2017

What are the best wines for a party?

So the answer to this question is another question. What kind of party and who are you inviting? Whats your price range per bottle? Is it for wine ponces or bogans or something in between? If its for ponces... good luck. Bogans, who cares, get some popular grocery store stuff on sale. They wont know nor care.
For a nice afternoon gathering with friends with cheese and cured meats, perhaps some baklava and bruschetta for finger foods that pair nicely. So for your friends that like wine and are open to try new things and are not too hard to please its pretty simple we think. Bubbles to start is simple with some Cava or some Prosseco. To start the still wine afternoon its hard to beat a good New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Also for some variety are Gruner Veltliner and Assyrtiko. For bubbles a Cava from Spain or a Prosecco from Italy. Next as the whites are flowing introduce a couple Malbec's from Argentina. Finally as things are moving along put out the Australian Shiraz or Shiraz / Cabernet.

Good drinking good value (****) affordable wines are available in all these groups. These wines are not the norm in the USA and will be encourage great conversation and expand most regular wine drinkers range.

Cheers and enjoy your soiree.

Happy Wine Adventures,


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