Jul 28, 2014

Wine, a social enhancement, drink it!

Wine is as unique and individual as the Terroir in which the vines grow and the grapes mature. It’s as diverse as the weather, as complex as those who make it, and as subtle as the vessels it’s matured in, and there's a special story inside each bottle. And then on top of all of that there's those with whom you drink the wine with and the circumstances you drink it in.

Wine adds a little something special to almost any social situation that we find ourselves in. We are after all, social animals, and there are not too many things better than hanging with friends or chosen family members, conversing and laughing and of course sharing some good wine, with or without food (food is our preference). Sometimes the wine itself provides the focus of the stories, whether it is the one you're sharing, or the ones you've tasted at some other time. Perhaps it’s about the one you hope to find. Maybe it was the story of that crazy adventure that brought you to that special wine that entertains. Wine does add that little extra pleasure to life!

Sometimes your new favorite wine you purchased on the last tasting trip is not as good as you remember and sometimes that ‘ok’ wine seems to have morphed into a great one. Often this is just a case of the combination of the wine and food and the company or some combination thereof, again the social / situational nature of wine. Remember the best wine you ever had? It was probably also connected some special occasion event or person that will never be quite duplicated.
People often tell us of some incredible bottle they have in their wine storage that is just waiting for the perfect important event. The sad thing is that it's growing old and melancholy and probably not stored perfectly, as they worry about what special occasion could possibly be worthy enough to warrant it being opened. There is that thought that the current occasion is not up to the standard worthy of such a great wine or that a better one may come along. With that logic what often happens with thinking like that, the wine, well, just dies a slow lonely death of solitude and abandon. When you finally open it it is not showing well and a great wine has passed.

We say—next time good friends turn up with smiles on their faces—fetch that bottle, you know the one, you purchased it with hopes of a great time sharing with friends, pour large glasses and toast—here's to loving, laughing and to living long and prospering. Here's to being in the moment and to sharing that next great bottle!

Happy Tasting Adventures,
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  1. Great read. You should submit this entry into the monthly wine writers challenge! This month's theme is friends - and you nailed it.


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