Sep 24, 2012

Taking flight at Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Australia

Its 3deg Celsius outside, the sun has yet to come up and I am on holiday, when the alarm goes off sounding like a couple of cat’s in heat. Like a trained ninja I leap out of bed to deal with the..... oh yeah that’s what that was, an alarm clock. Then slowly realize this is the big day, and I start getting ready for an amazing Adventure. What is the adventure at hand on this cold and clear morning in the center of Australia you ask? It’s a scenic flight to and around Uluru & Kata Tjuta  (formerly and or commonly known as Ayers Rock and the Olgas, might still be). If you ever have the chance to go there, don’t hesitate as nothing can prepare you for what you will see.

As I drive up to the airport in the morning glow I must admit to being a little unsettled by the 12yr old that is to pilot the aircraft. Ok, he was not 12, but he was very young. Or is that the perspective of one not as young anymore? You’re not getting any younger either! Turns out he was a fantastic pilot. He was well trained and quite seasoned with a great touch for flying the plane.
As we start to lift off, the sun is starting to peek over the horizon and it’s not long before the massive red sandstone monolith is coming into view, as we, and the sun gain altitude. Just as at sunset the rock shows many different characters and colours as the light changes. The colors in the morning are a little different than the sunset, so make sure to do them both. The sheer beauty of this view is amazing. Both Uluru & Kata Tjuta are spectacular places to see and experience either on foot or by aircraft. I would suggest that you do both!

The views from the plane were incredible and the perspective you get is just breathtaking.

WineWalkabout rates this a Must do.
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