Feb 15, 2013

Bellisima wines in Lodi, California

Finding himself with a little free time Koala decided to call in on and have a taste with a winery that had connected with WineWalkabout a few weeks earlier.

The winery and tasting room are located on the the Historic property of The Dodge Estate built in 1866. The Sorelle Winery (Sorelle meaning sisters) is built in the style of this historic house, and makes for a beautiful relaxing setting, with a 'soul' comforting link to the the past. The gardens on the property are immaculately groomed, and only add to the class of the setting. The tasting room has a patio outside, with a lovely water feature and of course those wonderful gardens. It would be just wonderful to sit and enjoy an afternoon with friends and what better way to enjoy that setting than some lovely wine.

Sisters Kim and Melissa Scott and their family open the doors in late 2010. Sorelle, in Italian, translates into sisters. Why the Italian name? Their mother was Italian , and this is also the prompt to focus on Italian varietals.
How appropriate, with the boys off to Italy on an #ItalianAdventure in a few weeks that three lovely Italian style wines were to be offered. Tara greeted Koala and set up the first taste which was a very nice Barbera. Being such a new winery big expectations of the wines Koala did not have. As he took his first taste, you know that noise they make on TV when they back something up. You know that RrrrRrrup, well that noise happened.

The Barbera was delightful. A medium bodied wine with lovely fruit qualities with red cherry as the most prominent fruit note. With some toasty vanilla detected, bright acidity and nice delicate tannins on the finnish. An excellent wine and the take home bottle of the day. Koala rates it a 7 and at **** a great price as well. Next up the 2010 Sangiovese and the Primitivo. Two more wonderful expressions if these varieties. Very impressive wines that are a sheer delight to drink at very good prices.

Also on offer were a Sparking Almond and a mulled wine. Neither of these were tasted, as some driving was necessary.

A welcoming tasting room with a great patio, in a beautiful setting on an awesome property, with some great expressions of these Italian wines at very good prices.
Koala 'Recommends' you go by and check em out and experience their fabulous facility and wine. Don't forget to tell em we sent you!

Happy Taste Adventures,
Kiwi & Koala

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