Feb 6, 2013

Harney Lane, Lodi Ca.

One of the best ways to find a great place to taste wine is to find out where the staff of one winery go to taste at another and buy their wine. While in the Lodi area of California tasting, well wine, what else, I asked one tasting room attendant about where she would go for a good drop if it wasn't where she worked and she recommended Harney Lane.

Never one to hesitate to check out a new tasting room I was off like a bucket of prawns in the sun. Arriving at Harney Lane I  noticed how new the facility looked. Come to discover the tasting room is only a few years old. A nice roomy well laid out tasting room with a nice outside area with a fire pit. The selection of wines to taste are good and definitely worth a stop.

The heritage of Harney Lane goes back to the turn of the century when vines were planted in 1907 along Harney Lane. They have been at this for five generations crafting the vineyards and methods over time to produce some lovely wines. This is validated by loyal following and numerous awards for all their wines.
One of my favorites and the bottle purchase of the visit was the Tempranillo and in writing this discovered it is also well regarded. I give them a 'Recommend' you go have a taste. 

Tempranillo  2007 
GOLD 2010 Grand Harvest Wine Competition
GOLD, Best of Class, 2010 Consumer Wine Awards

So if you find yourself in the Lodi are go on by and check em out and tell em we sent you!

Happy tastin Adventures
Kiwi and Koala

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