Mar 26, 2013

Rome and RomeCabs

We waited what seemed like a eternity for our bags. The last half dozen or so to come off the plane. Somehow this always seems to happen. Ah, but to be able to walk out of the airport without going thru customs again was a pleasant surprise (TSA take note). Although not as pleasant as the next hour is so would be with RomeCabs. Always wanted to be greeted at the airport by a guy with a sign. Actually a hot lady in a chauffeurs hat, but we digress. As we exited the terminal there was our sign welcoming us and a luggage trolley to relieve us of our bags. Even with wheelie bags it was nice. We were in the new comfortable Mercedes van in less than three minutes and quickly and fuss free heading towards Rome.

Our driver and mini tour guide, Sergio, was pleasant articulate very knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm and passion for his city. Oh the things we saw and the stories we heard. Sergio even showed us the way to drink from the Rome drinking fountains.
Between surviving Rome's roundabouts that are 4 lanes wide with no lane lines and the locals habit of using every possible driving surface to get around, being in the capable hands of an experienced Rome driver made what could have been a nightmare into an Adventure. Having just flown in from California we can not think of a better arrival process than to have RomeCabs pick you up and give you a overview of Rome on the way to your Hotel. We would not hesitate to try some of their other services based on our experiences both arriving and being returned to the airport a few days later. A truly wonderful experience of just the right length to kick of your stay in Rome. An absolute 'recommend' and maybe a 'Must Do' for first timers like us. Check THIS out...

Happy Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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