Sep 6, 2013

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Great range to taste from.

We had a little heat spell the other day here in the Monterey area, and as much as I like a nice white wine, I find I rarely open a bottle at home even when its warm out. If I do, it’s usually for a guest and not just for me to knock back. With the aforementioned hot spell opening a bottle of white just seemed like the right thing for the evening. Having that though, and heading for the wine fridge, it occurred to me that there might not be one ready to drink. Bloody Nora, I just made a choice and one may not be available. As it turned out I need not have got all stroppy as there was a lovely surprise ready and waiting. A bottle of 2012 Joyce Riesling from Joyce Vineyards in Carmel Valley. This wine was nice and crisp and really hit the spot. This mouthwatering Riesling is unlike most California Rieslings that are a little on the sweet side. Although at first sip there seems to be a touch of sweetness due to the nice fruit, but it really is at most off dry, which is maybe what highlights the tartness of the citrus flavors of grapefruits and limes. Pretty well balanced with a nice bright finish and some complexity, it’s a wonderful drop to get the evening started, or in this case for the evening. A  7 and **** on the official WineWalkabout rating scale. Go by the tasting room and taste their range and tell em we sent you. We 'recommend' you do.

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Kiwi & Koala

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