Aug 3, 2014

Wine, education and fun in Adelaide

For those who have been following for a while, you probably have read a story we wrote in 2012 about the National Wine Centre of  Adelaide South Australia. A year later we found ourselves drawn back to the National Wine Centre to see if the first go around was just one of those times when things just fall right, and what is just normally a regular event, turns into a great one. Well lets get that theory out of the way. This current event was just as good and then stepped up a notch. Yeah that's right, stepped it up a notch.

The Meet the Maker and Uncorked evening was with K1 and Pertaringa.

Taking charge of a diverse group from neophytes to ponces, was Shane Harris, Winemaker and Brand Ambassador.
Showcasing three vintages of Gruner Veltliner, Shane walked us through the 2011,2012 and 2013 and we experienced the evolution of the vintages as we were told of each years differences in weather, and some of the changes of approach to the picking and wine making, as each years lessons were absorbed and the new knowledge applied.

Shane then introduced us to some Pertaringa Shiaz. With a lovely 2010 Over The Top as an opener, and then the renown and revered 2010 Yeoman to finish off, it was simply fantastic. It seemed like every one there was very happy and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Shane was expert at talking through the processes and the wines in a way that all were engaged and entertained.
After the Master class it was upstairs to the open Uncorked gathering with lovely acoustic music and song as well as food and wine specials, and to my surprise, Geoff Hardy himself there to greet those who attended. Spent a while having a chat with both Shane and Geoff, and look forward to bringing you a future story of our visit to Geoff's winery.

Geoff chatting with an attendee.
These Friday evening Meet the Maker Uncorked events are held each fortnight on a Friday (yes we know the title give's the day away, but) from July through December. They are a wonderful informative wine tasting, with some of South Australia's best wineries and personal Q&A with owners or wine makers at a cost that is next to nothing. How much you ask? As of this series just $20. Worth easily three times that, and with another one coming up we will be heading back ASAP. With limited seating you will need to book, so get on the horn and go check em out. Rated a "Must Do' if you are in Adelaide and have the opportunity!

Happy Wine Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

See you at the next one... find your meet the maker event here

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