Nov 27, 2014

30th Anniversary Edition of Kevin Zraly's Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

We recently were given the opportunity to review the 30th Anniversary Edition of  'Windows on the World Complete Wine Course' by Kevin Zraly (Sterling Epicure, 368 pages, $27.95): (Buy it here for 30% off) This book was written by the guy who was at 25 to be cellar master at the famed restaurant on top of One World Trade Center in New York City. This is an incredibly comprehensive book. With things like weather, styles, terroir, pairing, history, regions and much much more. As it so happens the 2007 edition sits on the our bookshelf and has been a great reference book, albeit one that has not been as well used as it should have been.

 The style of the writing is clear and the organization is very inviting and unintimidating. The book also contains quizzes with page number references to get you focused on not just reading but learning. A cracking go-to guide to be sure.This book is great for the novice or someone who is well versed in wine and all that surrounds it. With some truly wonderful diagrams and charts to help explain some very complex things in a fashion that almost anyone will get this is a must have reference and all around good read for anyone interested in the world of wine. Did we say world? Why yes we did. With in depth information from wine regions from literally all over the world this is a truly comprehensive read. There are sections on our favorites like Australia and New Zealand as well as California and Italy. Ok anywhere that has good wine is our favorite but there are some we have not been exposed to before and now we want to.  Come to find out we still have a lot to learn.

"Kevin Zraly is the finest wine educator I have known" -- Robert Parker

This book is a great gift for your wine lover. That includes you! Simply stated "This book is for every wine lover, a must read" or in our wine rating this is a '9 and with our discount ****'.

So what are you waiting for, click on this link and get a few before they are all gone!

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There is a sober in the book that lists the 72 workers who died on Sept. 11, 2001

Thanks to Kimberly at YC Media for Stirling Epicure for the privilege of reviewing this wonderful book.

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