Mar 3, 2015

Thinking about wine...

We have been giving some thought to what may be of importance to our readers. No, not how to pick the winning lotterey numbers, although that may indeed be worth looking into.
No, just about stuff to do with wine mostly. Like glasswear, does it make a difference? Long term storage, allergies and headaches and how to pick wine off a wine list at a restaurant. Tasting time management and how to pick three or four tasting rooms to visit in an area that may have two hundred or more. The keep you awake at night kind of things. There are quite a few more but you get the picture.

So if there are topics you think are worth talking about let us know and over the coming weeks and months some of these topics will be covered in a straight up kind of way thats informative and not too wordy, and we promise not to get too Poncy.

So for now we'll be flat out like a lizard drinking putting our collective and vast knowledge and experience to paper, er well keyboard.

Happy Wine Adventures,


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