Jul 20, 2015

Extreme Chocolate and Wine at Hahndorf Hill Winery

Who would not love to relax in a climate controlled glass-enclosed tasting room with spectacular views of a vineyard in the beautiful Adelaide hills and the surrounding Hahndorf countryside? Add some crackin wines and a variety of chocolate and wine pairing opportunities as well as a great platter menu and for us, this is heaven.

The Hahndorf Hill Winery is not a new experience for us but one that always delivers, and as such we go back when we can to just simply enjoy the offered experiences. Each time we try something different and have never been disappointed. Owned by Larry Jacobs and Marc Dobson, who operate this boutique business together in the Adelaide Hills and run it with a dedicated team. The signature experience of this venue is their ChocoVino Experience.

Hahndorf Hill Winery is one of those places that provides such a wonderful number of experiences that you could easily visit a half dozen times a year and not repeat yourself. Not only that, but it is also one of those places that you would, no should, take that special someone. Take your Mum and Dad for a special treat or that group of especially close friends.
Click the picture for video on ChocoVino

Dee had us settled in and the experience chosen was the Extreme Chocolate Experience! What else would it be?

Our informative host talked us thru the perfect way to get the ultimate flavor experience.

1. Look at the chocolate and observe its appearance, it should have a rich and even sheen.
2. Touch it and see how the chocolate feels, silky, cool and dry.

3. Listen as you break it and hear it snap. Good chocolate has a distinctive snap as it breaks.

4. Smell the freshly broken edges and notice how they deliver an aroma of the taste delight to come.

5. Finally taste the chocolate. Let a piece sit and melt on your tongue and release its wonderful flavors and then savor it as all the magical flavors fill your mouth.

6. With your palate primed with these sensual flavors of beautiful chocolate go ahead and take a sip of the paired wine and experience the synergy between the flavors of good wine and chocolate.

To class it up even more you then get to cleanse your palate with the purest bottled water in the world from Cape Grim Tasmania Australia and then start all over again.

The extreme chocolate experience is not for the faint of heart. It even starts with a red wine (Shiraz) and then goes to a white (Gruner Veltliner). The Gruner was paired with a 100% cacao chocolate! With how beautiful this wine is that seemed a bit of a stretch but it was up to the task. Given the award winning status of this Gruner (multiple gold's) and that it stands so beautifully on its own one may suggest that the chocolate is an unnecessary addition. True, it is, but the experience of the taste combination is a very interesting and enjoyable one, and should not to be missed.

Hahndorf Hill Winery is such great place to celebrate any occasion. It provides such a special experience, and for any visit to Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, a 'must do' Adventure.

Happy tasting Adventures,


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  1. This sounds fantastic. So intrigued to go and try when we are in Adelaide next month. Will definitely be adding this to the list of must do's when we are there next month.


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