Jul 26, 2015

Here's to new friends, Showblock Wines

We have said this before but it is always so wonderful when it happens again. One of the greatest things about the wine industry are the people you meet along the way.

Recently while cruising around a hip wine event in Adelaide, South Australia one of our Instagram posts was tagged and we received an invitation to stop by and taste the wines of ShowBlock. How could we resist? Never ones to refuse a taste we went in search of the ShowBlock booth. The event, was 'Adelaide the Wine Capital of Australia' held at the Market Shed on Holland . There was food, wine and music all afternoon for the hip and happening crowd in Adelaide (#atwc). We found ShowBlock and it was like a welcomed family reunion! In short order we got stuck into some serious tasting and discovered some lovely wines. The first one that stood out was their sparkling Shiraz. What a delightful drop. Purchased a couple bottles on the spot to share with friends (yes that good).
Wait what? Who is ShowBlock? Here is a start;

(from their website)

The ShowBlock Wine Story

We'd like to tell you we know exactly how many generations our family has been making wine from grapes they lovingly grew, but let's face it from 600BC to now you kind of lose count. It's true our forefathers watched the Mediterranean sun set over their vineyards. Sounds romantic, but so is watching the Southern Cross appear over our moonlit vines every evening in the heart of South Australia's beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.
Our philosophy in life is simple: take the time to breathe and always have fun. If it's not fun don't do it (get somebody else to do it). Our philosophy in wine is also simple: take the time to let wine breathe and only drink good wine. If it's not good don't drink it (let somebody else drink it). Great wine should be enjoyed with delicious food, the fulfilling company of family and friends and enhance the joy of life.
On our vineyards we grow grapes for flavour, not schedules and make wine for friends, not shareholders. Many scientists out there will be disappointed to learn that we trust in the wonderful perfection that nature offers and don't tamper with things that don't need fixing. After all humans have been making wine successfully for a really, really long time. A natural approach to grape growing and wine making will produce charismatic wines that reflect the terroir and have distinct varietal characteristics. They may not be perfect, or taste the same from vintage to vintage, but every wine we produce will tell it's own unique story. We hope you enjoy drinking our wines as much as we have enjoyed making them for you.
John and Sarae Adamopoulos

Good reading but this really does not tell the whole story! While covering the dry stuff it in no way tells you about John and Sarae. Sarae is a warm, welcoming and friendly person and one that has possibly never met a stranger. She is the marketing force behind these wonderful wines and a fantastic enthusiastic ambassador for ShowBlock and the wine lifestyle in general. What an amazing and fun person to be around. A generous hostess and great cook. How do we know she is a great cook? They invited us to their home in the beautiful McLaren Vale wine region and again, we could not say no. On the Monday following the event we sat outside on the patio on what was  a pleasant winters day overlooking the beautiful vineyards and rolling hills of McLaren Vale eating grape leaf wrapped spiced rice, lamb sausages, garden grown sun dried tomatoes and some fantastic cheeses and crackers. For something a little sweet there was a Greek style apple turnover. While enjoying this amazing feed John was pouring the wine. It was just wonderful. John is just as passionate as Sarae he just shows it in a different way.

John is absolutely dedicated to making the best wine he can from his family vineyards. He grew up around these vines and has an intangible connection to how they are doing each and every year based on decades of familiarity. John is a thinker and as we talked it was apparent he remembers all the things he observed in the vineyard growing up. He loves these vineyards and it shows in the wine. John and Sarae truly make wine in a style that they like to drink and it shows. These are lovely drinkable wines that are well priced and great value (60% are ****) with all being three stars (***) and better.

As we talked about this wonderful wine world experience with our friends, telling of this serendipitous meeting that had such an uplifting effect on our trip, it reminded us of just what a great industry it is. The icing on the cake was as we left John and Sarae, they loaded us up with oranges, lemons and grapefruit from their garden and a couple bottles of wine to see us good on our journey home. Priceless!

Thanks to John and Sarae for their wonderful hospitality and generosity. We look forward to when we get together again. Oh and by the way we are also keeping tabs on the growth and success that is sure to follow.

Look, go find ShowBlock wine and give it a go and tell us what you think, we highly 'recommend' you do!

Happy wine Adventures,




  1. I was at that event! Wish I could have met you. My friends and I also enjoyed Showblock. Maybe next time we can meet over a glass or two.

    1. We are always up for a tipple with new friends! Cheers Breanne.


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