Apr 10, 2016

Tasting great Italian Wines with James Suckling

What's better than a tasting of Italian wines? Tasting the Great wines of Italy with James Suckling. This is the second year that we have been fortunate enough to get to attend this classic classy event, which this year was held at the Golden Gate Club in San Francisco on Feb 28th. With wines from 114 of Italy's best wineries, this was to be a true taste sensation.

The Winewalkabout Lexus dropped us off at the front door this year and it was just the two of us without our chaperones. This could be a mistake we mussed to ourselves as we lined up to collect our 90 point James Suckling glass and start our tasting adventure.

Our Favourite
Music was courtesy of Surahn Sidhu, an accomplished South Australian musician, who was the events’ DJ. In addition to the great wine, food and music, attendee's also received a complimentary Lalique events glass, designed by James Suckling, to use on the day and later add to enjoy in their home. Turns out Surahn went to school just around the corner from where Trev grew up.

One of the ever present problems at events such as this is how to get the best tastings within the time allowed. A problem we usually just blow off and dive in and get at it, but this was a classy event and without supervision we did not want to embarrass James. The one issue we encountered in our quest that we had not expected, since this was such an up scale event, was the wanker behavior of some of the attendees. A couple examples of the not so classy behavior; first up is the Wally telling long boring pointless stories of his or her (yes some of the ladies behaved like wankers as well) epic wine trip / tasting / bottle to the pourer all the while 6-8 attendees are waiting to get their / our taste. The other thing is the spitter. Now we understand if you want to spit but show some class and don't bend over in front or across me and spit (sorry for spilling on the back of your head sir). Get yourself properly positioned or use a cup you crass ponce ( I'm sure the stain will come out of your shirt sir).

So how were the wines you ask? Well to cut to the chase they were as advertised 'Great wines'.

Look we are fans of Italian wines and have consumed our fair share of good ones but these were genuinely a great collection of Italian wines.
As we traveled around the tables enjoying these wines we had a couple chances to chat with James about the wines, the music and to push our agenda on him of having an Australian, New Zealand version of this event.

Its rare to go to a tasting of so many great wines and this event was one of those rare ones and as such is one we highly 'recommend' you go to next time it comes to town, whether that be New York, Los Angeles or the one that we attend, San Francisco. We would like to say thanks to James for having us and spending the time to hang out and chat. Cheers mate, until next year!

Video of the events.

Happy Tasting Adventures,


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