Apr 24, 2016

Is this the perfect gift? SWIG.

Some time back we were offered a look at a relatively new companies entry into the flask market. Being always curious about anything to do with eating and drinking we said yes.

The first thing that came to our mind was when we think of hip flasks is Hipsters...
The media has a thing out for hipsters and frankly as far as we are concerned hipsters have been asking for it. Wearing their urban outfitter jeans rolled up with their checkered shirts and suspenders, shoes without socks (gross) and carrying a whole foods shopping bag.

But we have a problem here. We have a problem of definition: everybody who seems like a hipster denies being a hipster, which of course is a sure sign of being a hipster. But we digress as we're not talking about hipsters as much as we're talking about style, about function, about beautiful surface's and about the inside, out. The SWIG was setup in 2013 to produce and sell Amazing Hip Flasks.

The day when carrying a hip flask was normal had seemed to have passed but in recent years there are two trends that seem to be diametrically opposed and yet both seem to embrace the hip flask. The two trends are the afore mentioned Hipster and the GQ James Bond type. Both have adopted the hip flask and as such are setting the trends for some of the rest of us regular folks to follow along.
They are also a standard for all wedding parties and camping adventures.

A lot of flasks on the market are more for show than for use. When warming up they spew their contents into your pocket, bag or purse and ruin whatever great moment was to come. So imagine asking your new date to put the flask in her new purse that sits in the sun in the car. See where we are going with this... Potentially the first and last date!

Well the good news here is that we put the SWIG flask to the test. Half filled with colored liquid and put into the refrigerator after a few hours the top was removed and then put back on tight and put into an oven that was then set at 250 deg f. (0-125 deg C) Not a single drop escaped. We did this twice to be sure.
Filling was a bit difficult with the small opening size so we recommend you order a funnel with your flask which has been specifically designed to make filling a snap..

The flask was a SWIG 'Naked' Hip Flask 170ml (6oz).
  • The body is seamless stainless steel. So there is no risk of leaking.
  • The bottom is flat, so it can stand up straight.
  • Engraving is available.
  • Add a SWIG Funnel. (we recommend you do)

  • There are a number of different style sleeves and accessories as well as the most amazing option in our opinion the ultimate gift of class the SWIG Handwritten Note that is Wax Sealed in an envelope. Brilliant!

    Another really cool thing as well as a big part of SWIG and something they are very proud of is the SWIG Society. It’s an exclusive club just for SWIG owners, their individually numbered flasks acting as a passport. Their members then send in photos of their SWIGs from all around the world, from the deserts of Africa to the outback of Australia to the canyons of America as well as to the spiritual home of Scotch whisky (well you get the picture).

    So all in all this flask from SWIG is attractive, seems very well made, comes with many ways to personalize and will not spew liquid with massive temperature change. So go check them out at SWIG, a classy cut above.

    Oh, and then there is the cool factor, no matter what your fashion style is...



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