Jul 2, 2016

24th Winemaker Celebration Carmel by the Sea

It was overcast and rain threatened, but suspect weather did nothing to subdue the enthusiastic crown from enjoying another great wine and food event. The Monterey 24th Winemaker Celebration was a great success.
There was music, food and of course wine and there was also the wonderful setting that is Carmel by the Sea. We love going to Carmel by the Sea to enjoy the ambience, restaurants and wine tasting.

When the streets close for the Winemaker Celebration you get a view of the beautiful buildings that you normally don't get to see. Standing in the street while casually sipping lovely wine you get to truly appreciate just how beautiful this little town is.

.Setting and ambience aside, some of the wines and food were exceptional. With about 35 wineries pouring and 20 of the Monterey Peninsulas best culinary operations preparing small bites and delights it was a great day.

There were a few wines and bites that stood out from the rest, not necessarily because they were that much better but maybe a great surprise or a good version of a favourite or rarely tasted style.

The only somewhat negative comment is that not all the food was compatible with the wine. Not that this is entirely bad as my designated driver took advantage of some of those, but for the wine drinker it created a problematic choice. Enjoy all the food and mess with your palate or skip some food and totally enjoy the wine.

I stuck with the wine and have no regrets although I do understand some of the desserts were brilliant.

This is an event that mixes a great setting with some great wine and food and we recommend it as one event not to miss.

Happy Wine Adventures,


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