May 21, 2017

Wines best friend, Alle-Pia Salami

We recently had the pleasure of touring the facility where the most amazing delicious cured meats are made. The facility of Alle-Pia. Look, we love wine! We also love our cured meats and cheeses to go with it. Then there is the lovely meals that enhance our enjoyment of wine. But we digress. There are not too many things as wonderful as enjoying a wonderful glass of wine and partaking of the deliriousness of cured meats and we have found none better than Alle-Pia. We went to visit the facility when they first opened a few years back and were impressed with not only the product but the passion with which they peruse the making of fine food, whether at Buona Tavola or now Alle Pia.

For over two decades, Chef Varia has delighted residents and visitors with his inventive Northern Italian cuisine in his Buona Tavola (meaning "good table") restaurants. Alex Pellini, Chef Varia’s nephew, came over from Italy in 2009 to help with the restaurant operations and has been instrumental in the creation and supervision of the salami production. Maria Pia Allesina was Chef Varia's mother and he named the company Alle-Pia as a tribute to her. It was a tradition in Italy to make salami each winter with their entire family. Antonio thought using her name would be a nice way to honor her memory. We agree.

The fresh, natural pork comes from a supplier that guarantees vegetarian fed, crate free animals and no hormones or antibiotics are used. Ingredients are locally sourced when possible and all products and facilities are USDA inspected and approved. In fact, a USDA inspector is on site each and every day to constantly monitor and observe.

We were taken on a tour by Alex and discovered that every batch of salami requires careful supervision and timing to ensure the perfect taste and consistency. We were also given a taste of a few employee favorites. Alex explained that they only use the finest spices from a local supplier, Spice of Life and imported Italian paprika. Local wines from Paso Robles and imported wines from Italy add distinctive flavors. 

As well as buying a few of our favorite salami's to take home with us Alex gave us a Luganega Piccante - Spicy Pork Sausage (tasted amazing). They also have other Italian meats and products for sale.

The process is monitored and controlled at every step with state of the art Italian equipment to produce consistent quality and flavors. They have recently expanded their capacity to double the production to better serve their customers as well as to continue to have these great products available at the two Bouna Tavola Restaurant's.

Join their Club!
Thanks to Alex for taking the time to show us around and give us a tasting of all those tasty cured meats. Stop on by their shop in Atascadero and get some for yourself. 

Happy Wine Food Adventures,

You can find all of their meats and fine foods, fresh,
 right from the source 5 days a week.
Give them a call or stop by and say hi. 
They love to meet their customers!

Visit Us at the Emporio Alle-Pia

8390 El Camino Real
Atascadero, CA 93442
Phone: (805) 461-6800

We're Open
Monday: 9AM - 3PM
Tuesday: 9AM - 3PM
Wednesday: 9AM - 3PM
Thursday: 9AM - 3PM
Friday: 9AM - 3PM
Sat/Sun/Holidays: Closed

One of our favorites.

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