Dec 24, 2011

Kiwi and Koala Christmas Lunch

So as it is that time of year when most of the truly important things get shoved about to do the things that seem important Kiwi and Koala finally managed to sit down and have a seasonal get together lunch with significant others. It was a lovely sunny 65deg winter day with a light cool breeze.
The venue of choice, Wickets Bistro at the Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley. As we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the Valet and given directions to the Bistro. The question was asked as we were welcomed to the bistro, inside or outside. Given the light cool breeze we decided inside by the windows was a better choice. 

Kiwi and Koala then set about the all so important business of selecting the wine for lunch. The wine list is quite extensive although generally a bit on the pricey side with most wines being in the one and two star range. It was decided that a 2005 Marinus was to be consumed especially given it is a Bernardus wine, and priced right.

Now the wine was selected we could get on and order food. A burger, two Sirloin sandwiches and an artisan pizza. As we started our wine and conversation building maintenance decided it was time to roto-root the bar drain just a few feet away. Just a couple minutes into this the staff showed up, apologized, and asked if they could move us outside with a heater if we wished. We took them up on the offer and moved outside. With heater it was a very comfortable and a  lovely setting by the croquet lawn.

So back to the important information. The 2005 Bernardus Marinus is a blend of 74.4% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5.3% Merlot, 5% Malbec, 4.8% Petit Verdot, and 0.5% Cabernet Franc. A little tight at first and would benefit from some decanting (or another year or two in the bottle if you can wait) but was a Good Drop (7) **. The wine and food was enjoyed by all. While not inexpensive, the setting and the service combined with the good food and wine made for a reasonable value.

To Kiwi and Koalas surprise when the bill came Wickets had removed the wine from the bill as an apology for the roto-rooter incident. This was definitely above the bar as most places would have only removed the desert or the coffees which would also have been nice, but the wine, classy move.

To sum up the adventure, a good time was had by all with good food and good wine with that little bit extra and a bonus to boot. Kiwi and Koala will be going back and 'recommend' you give em a go.

Go to Wickets and tell them Kiwi and Koala sent you..........

Kiwi & Koala

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