Dec 4, 2011

We were thinkin while drinkin!

Rating Scale

We have been hanging out eating and drinking on multiple continents for a while now. We were doing just that one lovely afternoon while discussing some article with wine friends, that we had both read, that we thought was just way to poncy for 80% of the people we know that enjoy wine. About that time someone said 'well if you think its to poncy why don't you two drongo's write about wine, food and travel in a non poncy way'. 
At that point in time we had had enough to drink and thought that's it we can do that, so we set about planning an adventure. 
Here we go! We were excited about all the information we were going to impart. We could tell you about the wine we had with the dinner and about the hotel as well as whether or not we were happy with the airline or rental car or, well everything that we experience whilst on our Adventures.
But our plan of telling you about the food and wine we were consuming got a little side tracked as we discovered that the current methods of ranking wine let alone food and travel may not be our best choice. What were we going to do? If there was not a good system of passing on some form of rating that average people could embrace how would people know what we experienced and therefore what they might expect. Other than our ramblings.
So as a significant amount of wine was consumed to lubricate our brains we decided to create our own system.  A system that we hope most everyone can relate to.

Basically, a ten point system 1-10 with ten being best (an 11 is a guaranteed awesome sex wine) and some sort of bonus system for cost, or lack thereof. We thought a reward system would be good for cost. The lower the cost the more stars (almost used happy faces). Four stars being best, all the way to, that is too much, no stars for you! Each rating has a description that puts into perspective how that rating relates to us, and hopefully to all of you. There is also a simple system for Hotels and Restaurants etc. that we feel covers the needs without being complicated. Now with our Adventures you can read how it went for us and hopefully get a feel for how it may go for you...

Let the Adventures begin..............

Cheers and happy Adventures,

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