May 28, 2012

Paso Robles Driving South San Marcos Creek.

The other day while driving to Paso Robles for a family event Koala decided a quick stop at some unsuspecting winery was on the cards. I mean let’s face it you’re going to Paso and can create a little spare time, what’s one to do but grab a quick taste. So on the drive of an hour plus Koala was in a bit of a quandary as to where to go. Should he hit a known quantity and enjoy or select one at random?  Random seemed like a nice adventure but that raised the next dilemma of where to go and how to select. Stone the crows all this deep thought was making Koala thirsty so a snap decision was made to stop at the first winery on the right in his path of travel once in the Paso area. The lucky recipient of Koalas presence was San Marcos Creek”.

 San Marcos Creek is a beautiful setting with a nice feel and a place you could really enjoy hanging out at. Rather than yammer about the setting we will just include a few more pic’s. About 5 miles north of the first Paso Robles town exit San Marcos Creek Winery sits in the midst of rolling hills and immediately adjacent to none other than San Marcos Creek itself. San Marcos Creek Vineyards first crush was in the harvest season of 2002. The first year of production resulted in a total of just 675 cases of estate wines. But the story goes back a lot further. In search of a slower, gentler pace of life High school sweethearts for over fifty short years, Fling and Annette Traylor found that spot a little north of Paso Robles. Vines were first planted in the mid 80’s and sold to few respected and prestigious local wineries. Daughter, Catherine, and her husband, Brady Winter joined the business in 2002 and were instrumental in starting the Winery and Tasting Room.

San Marcos Creek Vineyard produces the following estate varietals:
*Petite Sirah
*Cabernet Franc
*Cabernet Sauvignon

Their wines are stored for up to three years in French and American hybrid oak barrels which they believe ensures proper flavor and structure development. Speaking of their wines since that’s where we started this process Koala had a taste of most all their reds. Now we could just give you a list and some thoughts but that’s a lot of reading so we will just do a summary of some high lights. Wine List Link

The first thing Koala noticed was the price point is fantastic. Great discounts for club membership that  put all their wine in the ***** category and even without membership all in *** and **** range. There is a nominal $5 tasting fee but is waved with the purchase of wine. Nice!

 The first wine tasted had a name that is close to our hearts NV Estate Table Red. They say “everyone needs a good spaghetti wine”. And we agree wholeheartedly! What is it? Well, it is a few barrels of several different wines from a few different vintages; “expertly” blended together to create an enjoyable every day wine and for a club price of $12.60 it’s a medium bodied flavorful red and great casual drinker. On the K&K scale a 6 and **** exceeding its name sake on the scale!  The other highlight of the tasting for Koala was the 2010 Sapphire Estate Cuvee. A Meritage style blend consisting of 50% Cabernet Savignon, 22% Merlot, 11% Cab Franc and 17% Petite Sirah. A good medium bodied drop with nice layered fruit qualities and fine tannins with an easy finish. 7+ and *** (**** club price). This was the purchase of the day for Koala. All the wines tasted were quite enjoyable and with such a nice surrounding and great price point this is a great stop if in the Paso Robles area.

Stop by and tell em Koala sent you!

Kiwi & Koala

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