May 14, 2012

Weeknight Drinkin Choices, the Weekly Winners

On a recent "post" someone asked us what we drink when we are not tasting at a winery. You know, what we drink when no one is looking. As we pondered the question for a while we thought we might answer the question in a way that was a little more interesting than just a list of our consumption, which would be long, and well, long. So here is what we thought we would do. Once a week or so pick a wine that either we have, or individually have, consumed that week, that are worthy of mention, and mention them. This also gives us chance to tell you, if a bottle we purchased while tasting, still seems like a good choice away from the fun time at the tasting room.

The primary idea is that these wines are opened during the week at home for a regular meal and not taken to a swanky restaurant. Generally speaking a *** or **** wine (mostly ****).

Someone suggested it could be called Kiwi and Koala's Kwick Picks (KKK picks). Upon closer review we decided that was maybe not a good choice. We thought of some other names that sounded good but they were already taken.

So we have decided just to call it WineWalkabout's #WW's (weekly winners).

On a more general note if we get enough requests for particular wines that can be sourced in our area we may even review some of those as well. This also applies to wineries, wine bars and restaurants. We are up for the challenge!

So here we go! Hope you also enjoy our choices and have some great WW's.

Happy Tasting Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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