May 2, 2012

WineWalkabout on the loose, at Asuncion Ridge.

One beautiful sunny Californian winter day, Koala drops his car off at the mechanic for a service, and decides to walk around Paso Robles just because. Because why you ask, well, because it was such a lovely day to wander for an hour and just enjoy and breathe. While wandering around enjoying the day he came across Asuncion Ridge tasting room. Located at 725 12th Street, Downtown on the Park in Paso Robles, the tasting room is a classy roomy room that invites you sit and indulge in the offerings being poured. They are definitely worth indulging in by the way!

As luck would have it on this day who should be pouring but none other than Philip Krumal himself.  To have the winemaker pouring is usually a treat, as you get to hear about some of the thought that drove the choices that made each release what it is and the back-story of why those choices had to be made. With that amount of information you can taste through the events that created each wine and hopefully appreciate them even more. That is not always the case, as some wine-makers have, well, no personality. Not here though! Philip is articulate and has a lot to say, when asked, about the details and choices he made or chose not to make.

Philip poured the entire range, and a couple of extra one’s not on the list. Koala enjoyed them all and once he takes Kiwi there we will review them all. Koala did however have a problem. Well not a real, like broken corkscrew kind of problem, but a problem none the less. He could not decide on which bottle to choose to be his one bottle per tasting purchase. Solution, buy two! First off was the 2007 Pinot Noir, which got Koalas attention immediately. It is bright with nice color and with good cherry and strawberry fruit quality’s. Complex and layered, with a nice soft medium finish that simply enchants.  A solid 7 and ***. The second purchase was the 2008 Lascivious. A warm and welcoming blend of 46% Mourvedre, 29% Syrah and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was medium to full on the palate with great dark fruit and with a hint of some coffee and chocolate and a nice velvety finish. Another solid 7- 7+ and ***. (Ratings by Koala only)
The vineyards are perched in the southern end of the Santa Lucia Mountains, between Paso Robles and the ocean, and yes, on a ridge. There lies the private 320 acre hideaway of Asuncion Ridge Vineyards and Inn. Once we can work out a schedule we will be going full bore into reviewing all the wines and maybe the Inn, so stay tuned.

If you happen to be in the Paso Robles Downtown area, stop in and have a taste, we 'recommend' you do. Tell'em Koala sent you!

Happy Tasting Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

Just stopped by again, tasted the latest releases, and this all still rings true. Some great wine and a lovely tasting room, now with some interesting antiques to peruse.

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