Oct 5, 2012

Cycles Gladiator, Lodi California


While on a business trip to the Sacramento area, Koala decided to take a small detour and do a little tasting in the Lodi area. Being short on time he decided to tweet of the adventure and see what happened. A couple of suggestions came in and one of those was Cycles Gladiator. Koala looked up the address and off he went. The location was easy to find and conveniently close to the highway.
Driving through the double wide chain link gates Koala saw the cute little tasting room near the back of the lot along side of the production area. With a nice sitting area out front on the deck, it is immediately welcoming. Once inside the tasting room, it’s up to the bar for a series of very drinkable wines.
The facility has been recently remodeled and is a great place to taste good wine and browse their selection of cycling related apparel and gifts. You can also enjoy a picnic in their large picnic area that has two bocce courts for your entertainment. It's a nice spot for a romantic date day or for a larger group to enjoy a gorgeous day in the Lodi Wine Country. There were a couple of wines that Koala wanted but stuck to the one bottle rule and chose the Boneshaker. This is a good example of a full bodied Zin with great aromas and big fruit but does have a nice balance of aroma, fruit and finnish. Koala’s score a solid 6 and****. A very nice tasting experience and if you are in the Lodi area one you should go check out.
Go on do it and tell em Kiwi and Koala sent you.

Tell em Kiwi and Koala sent you!


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