Oct 9, 2012

Laetitia Vineyards Tasting experience.

What would any normal person do driving down the highway and seeing the Laetitia Vineyard and Winery Tasting Room sign? Pull in of course! That’s exactly what we did. Ok, we were planning on doing it but enjoyed the pretense of spontaneity by threatening the use of the handbrake for a show of entry flair (a signature move). After the 'being responsible' lecture it was into the tasting room.

Walking up to the tasting room from the parking area, you could hear the band playing, the birds were singing and some were even dancing. There was a good crowd enjoying the beautiful Californian afternoon, with snacks and wine with the music. The outdoor area was being put to full use and all who were there were having a great time. Entering the quite full tasting room it was apparent that this was a very popular place and thoughts went to worrying about getting decent service. There was no need to worry as Hassan was ready willing and able to provide a great tasting experience. For a small fee which is credited with a purchase you get the choice of five wines.
Easier said than done as there are a number more than five great choices to choose from. We took the easy route and put the pressure on Hassan to lead us through the tasting. This often leads to being poured the servers favorites. Not this time as Hassan asked a series of questions to ascertain taste preferences and then talked through each tasting to select the next one. A very enjoyable tasting and even though busy we never felt neglected or forgotten. The bottle of choice was a hard decision as there were a number that were worthy but the final choice was The Whole Cluster Pinot Noir. An excellent example of what a great Pinot Noir with deep color, great aromas, nice balance of fruit and acidity and giving a wonderful finish can be. The inclusion of 45% whole clusters give this wine more depth than is typical, and is a noteworthy shift from your average Pinot Noir. This wine rates it a 7 and ***.

Laetitia Vineyard & Winery can be found directly off the 101 freeway between San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria and we 'recommend' you stop by if you are in the area.

Tasting Room Open daily from 11 am to 5 pm at 453 Laetitia Vineyard Drive
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
and closed Christmas Day.  

Tell em we sent you!
Happy tasting,

Kiwi & Koala

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