Nov 30, 2012

WineWalkabout visits Two Hands in the Barossa Valley

A trip to one of Australia’s most iconic wine regions, the Barossa Valley, would not be complete without a visit to what has become one of the most recognized brands for consistently great wines in Australia.  Two Hands Wines was founded in early 1999 by Michael Twelftree and Richard Mintz and they have wine on anyone who is anybody’s Top 100 lists globally. To that point, in November 2012, Two Hands was named in the Wine S, something’s annual Top 100 for the 10th consecutive year, an achievement that has never been equaled by any other winery the world over.  Definitely no small achievement! 
It was Koala’s good fortunate to find himself talking with Micheal and Matt Wenk after a long lunch one Friday. Michael talked about the Two Hands philosophy to showcase the diversity of Australian Shiraz by highlighting regional characteristics and allowing the fruit to be the primary feature of the wines. How Two Hands takes a very personal approach with each parcel of grapes, no matter how big or small. The wines are carefully guided through the viticulture and wine making process with a very hands on approach by Michael and winemaker, Matt Wenk. The passion Michael has for the regional approach to vineyards and wines is immediately put on the table and is hard to argue with once you have tasted his wines. Premium fruit is now sourced from six of the finest Shiraz growing regions in Australia, and Two Hands work closely with their own vineyards and band of growers to ensure the full potential of each vineyard is reached. These wines are truly amazing! They also use a barrel program that is not common. Next visit Koala plans to allot more time a get a peek into the wine making process so stay tuned.

The Cellar Door is located in the Barossa Valley off a gravel road in a beautifully restored farm house. They also do VIP tastings in what they call the Bake House, which is immediately adjacent to the Cellar Door and dates back to the 1850’s. On this occasion Koala took advantage the fantastic weather and sat out on the Cellar Door deck with a tasting conducted by Cellar Door Manager Shannon and his staff. Being out on the deck was a great spot to enjoy the day and the view with some awesome wine and nibbles, and if one so chose, a wood oven pizza.

In November and December they host exclusive Lazy Long Lunch experiences every Friday commencing 16 November until 14 December 2012 and if you are to be in the area don’t miss out.
Look, Koala may not be most unbiased judge of this place as he has been a fan of these wines since the ‘2005 Ares’ changed his perceptions about how good a wine can be, but don’t let that deter you. The Two Hands Cellar is a highly ‘Recommend’ and the long lunch is a “Must Do”.

While enjoying your wood oven pizza tell Michael and Matt Koala says g’day!

Now that's getting into your work Matt...
Happy Tasting Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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