Aug 2, 2013

Carmel by the Sea Wine Tasting and other discoveries.

Some thoughts on our observations from a recent visit to Carmel by the Sea. Who knew there were so many places to grab a taste. When did this happen? Visiting Carmel is for dinner at one of the many fine restaurants, and wandering the streets holding hands (not with each other) looking at all the neat shops and galleries. Tasting rooms? We knew there were some but had very little idea of the number that exist now.
Where do we begin? Carmel by the Sea has so many good restaurants and cafe's, and over the last few years the number of good places to have a taste has grow rapidly. The area is now a definite tasting destination with over a dozen places to taste. There is a tasting Passport that is by far the best way to do that available from the Tourist Information Center.
The Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea.

The area also has many choices of accommodation from simple to Luxury Hotels to B&B's, there is a choice to suit almost anyone's needs or desires. With the town being quite small you can walk everywhere. Window shopping is the sport of choice as there are many wonderful art galleries and boutiques. Although, if you are looking for the just right piece to go over the armoire, you can find it here. 
If you’re after a romantic getaway to a quaint seaside, art-filled village, Carmel might be perfect for you. You can even bring your dog, as Carmel’s hotels, restaurants and galleries are remarkably four legged friend friendly.

There are few places as quaint and picturesque as Carmel by the Sea in California. Situated on Carmel Bay, nestled in a pine forest above a beautiful white sandy beach, the one square mile village of Carmel offers endless epicurean opportunities and romantic charm. Carmel is the perfect base for activities and adventures, you'll have a wonderful time no matter what you choose to do in Carmel by the Sea. Never too hot or too cold it's a great place to visit at any time of year. The area is also a popular place for Destination Weddings which again just speaks to the romance of this magical place. Carmel, is a quaint and charming little town that attracts visitors year-round who are looking for romantic bed-and-breakfast lodging, fantastic cuisine, fine art, quaint boutiques, a white sandy beach, and now more than ever, world class wine, wine and more wine!
With so much to check out we think some more in depth stories of some of the restaurants, accommodations, tasting places and some great events is a must, so stay tuned!

Happy Tasting Adventures,
Kiwi & Koala

Sunset on Carmel Beach.

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