Apr 21, 2014

Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea Passport

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What usually comes to mind when we hear about a wine passport is a busy weekend with hundreds, sometimes thousands of our closest drinking strangers. Sometimes it is a series of weekends during the month (better), but we're not big fans of this type of drinking, er tasting. But wait there is an alternative, recently we discovered there is a different type of passport in Carmel by the Sea! While enjoying a refreshing beverage or two at some local tasting rooms we heard about what has to be the most flexible user friendly good value Passport known to man (or woman) on the planet! Ok maybe a bit of a stretch but this is a very well put together passport that anyone who likes a taste or two and is visiting Carmel by the Sea needs to have. Yeah we said it, you NEED to get this.

The Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea is a Wine Tasting Passport, that for $65 entitles the buyer to one $10 flight at any nine of the twelve tasting rooms who are part of this experience (a $90 value). It can be used in one day (big day, we're up to try) or spread out over a weekend (easy peasy), several weeks, months, or even years, as the tastings never expire. Use them when you come back later in the year or share them with a friend. You can even go back to your favorite again tomorrow if you wish. Buy one as a couple and (no generalization intended) you can drink the whites and your spouse, friend, roommate, sibling or whom ever can drink the reds. Brilliantly flexible. Purchase online or pick up at the Visitor Center.

This is the perfect passport for a couple on a romantic weekend in Carmel by the Sea. Hit a couple up tasting rooms Friday night and finish the rest off Saturday. Buy a bottle of your favorite of the day to take to dinner at one of the participating restaurants. While out tasting with the Wine Walk Passport, tasters that purchase a bottle (don't forget to get your sticker on the bottle) at one of the 12 tasting rooms of (Blair Estate, Caraccioli Cellars, Dawn's Dream, De Tierra Vineyards, Figge Cellars, Galante Vineyards, Manzoni Cellars, Shale Canyon, Scheid Vineyards, Silvestri Vineyards, Vino Napoli & Wrath) get free corkage for one bottle per visit per party at these exclusive participating restaurants. (Here are the Restaurants) That alone is about a $25 bonus. Eat out at one of these restaurants three times and that is more than the cost of the passport.

The Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea passport offers those that appreciate wine the opportunity to savor superior still and sparkling wines without ever having to think about transportation, parking, or even dinner plans. Walk from your hotel and all the tasting rooms are within 400 meters of each other and once you have purchased your wine, the tasting room can offer recommendations for dinner and call to make reservations for you as well. Again don't forget to get the sticker on your bottle that lets the restaurant know you purchased at the tasting room to get your corkage fee waived. Brilliant!

We cant think of a better way to enjoy Carmel by the Sea than a good walkabout around this lovely sea side shire and as well as enjoying the stores and art, stop along the way and pop into one of the wine tasting rooms and have a tipple or two. A wine walkabout!

As part of discovering more about the Carmel Wine Walk by-the-Sea we are going to tuck in our shirts put our big boy pants on and head on out to visit every participant to tell you a little about what to expect and hopefully help you select the best (for you) 9 tasting choices of the 12 tastings rooms. We will see about checking out some of the restaurants as well to make a complete weekend possible.

Happy Wine Adventures,

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