Oct 7, 2013

Tasting Carmel Valley Wine Trail

When you hear of Carmel it is often times referring to Carmel by the Sea. Now Carmel by the Sea is a beautiful place, and as it happens also has a number of tasting rooms to break the monotony of walking around a beautiful sea side town, looking at all the stores and eating at all the great restaurants. But the Carmel we are referring to here today is Carmel Valley. Carmel Valley is a great place to visit and go wine tasting. Wine tasting you repeat in disbelief? Yes wine tasting!

The Carmel Valley Wine Trail is one of the lesser known wine tasting destinations that is very deserving of your attention. The Carmel Valley wine appellation was granted an official AVA designation in 1983. In Carmel Valley you will also find three championship golf courses, several world-class resorts as well as quaint country inns and many great places to dine, from simple and inexpensive to world class. The area has a lot to offer and you never have to leave the Valley if don't want to. Here is a LINK to some overview information of the Valley.

The Carmel Valley Wine Trail starts at the ocean end of the Valley  in the Crossroads shopping center at;
Taste Morgan. Next up as you travel into the Valley is Boete (pronounced 'bwah-TAY') and a little further in is Chateau Julien. As you go past the Laureles Grade on your left you are just a couple minutes from what is commonly know as the Carmel Valley Village.

Once in the village you can choose between about 20 tasting rooms. In the village you could walk to all the tasting rooms if you had a lot of time (a weeks worth of tasting). This is one of those places that requires multiple trips. One stop that will keep you in one spot all day is the East End Wine Row. A grouping of six tasting rooms, with five in a row and Cima Collina just 50 meters away in what used to be an old post office (very cool).
There are some lovely spots to just sit and have a taste or a glass and grab a bite, like Georis or Cima Cillina with their beautiful gardens. Spacious tasting rooms like Joyce and those with comfy couches like Holman. There are those nice and cozy tasting spots like Carmel Road and Joullian. There are a whole lot more (see Map) and most are well worth your time and taste buds.

Take a trip to Carmel Valley and enjoy this wonderful place and tell everyone we sent you!

Happy Tasting Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

Previous visits;

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Carmel Valley Info Video

Georis Tasting area.

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