Nov 3, 2013

Worlds top 10 city to visit. #9 Adelaide

Mclaren Vale.

Recently, there has been a bit of a buzz in one of our home towns, as it was named the #9 of the Worlds Top Ten Cities to Visit by Lonely Planet. That town is Adelaide. Having already told tens of people this in recent years, it feels a bit like validation.

Adelaide Hills
When you grow up in a town, for some reason makes it harder to appreciate. But having been gone for the better part of three decades, those childhood memories take on a more golden filtered hue. Adelaide, or probably more accurately South Australia, from first hand knowledge, has a remarkable number of amazing places to experience. Follow this link for a list of some of the fav's. In the last decade or so, it has become even more obvious with every visit back home that Adelaide is an amazing place to base a holiday/vacation from.

We have written a number of posts about some of our Adventures, and even a couple on areas that we loved. Recently it was decided to try to do a bit more of a travel series on a couple of selected areas. With that in mind the next big decision was, which areas? With only a fortnight to cram it all in, making a choice for the first two features was anything but easy (refer to link).
Southern Barossa Valley
Besides writing about these experiences, there is family to spend time with and friends to visit and hang out with so time is precious.

In the end we decided there will be a Holiday/Tourist trip article on the Barossa Valley, then a series of day trips to places like the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale as well as a few Adelaide City area attractions. We have some exciting things lined up in the Barossa already and can't wait to have the experience, get the story and tell you all about what you can expect when you book your holiday / vacation to the spectacular Barossa. Rest assured there will be great stories! Maybe even some friends of WineWalkabout savings to be had! So stay tuned...

All of the Adventures with people, places and things will hopefully capture your attention and help highlight what Lonely Planet has just discovered and we have know for years. Adelaide, or South Australia is a world class tourist destination with fantastic offerings. You can follow along for the daily / hourly updates as to where we are, and what we are doing, with twitter at winewalkabout@kiwiandkoala

It is with great excitement that in a couple of weeks WineWalkabout will be on the loose in Adelaide. There are so many beautiful places to go and stay and see as well as fantastic food and of course the world renown wines its hard to know where to begin.
If you see us about, come on over and say g'day and tell us about your favorite Adelaide Adventure. If there is someone or something you feel we must meet or experience, shoot us an email, there is always room for one more great story! 

Happy Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala
South Aust Video
Another Sth Aussie Video

Blue Lake


  1. Where would I get info on planning a trip from USA to South Australia?

  2. We think our New Years Resolution will be to make a vacation trip to Adelaide. We love wine and this seems like a pretty amazing place for that. Whats the best time to go and how long is a minimum stay do you think?

  3. Wow, where would one start. Is there a top ten spots to visit or a particular region that would be the most enjoy? Elle

    1. G'day Elle,
      that's a hard question as each to there own. For a short trip you may be better to pick an area and just do that. If you have a couple weeks you should pick a few places and see more.
      Read the rest of the South Australian stories and happy holidays.


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