Nov 8, 2013

Taste Morgan Carmel Valley

Having been to Taste Morgan before and enjoying the experience, we felt it was time to go back and taste the latest releases and also to check out the remodeled tasting room. On a nice, sunny Californian autumn day it was off to the tasting room. Arriving at the Barnyard shopping center at the west end of Carmel Valley finding the Tasting Room is fairly easy.

Having scored a park right out front it was in to the newly remodeled Tasting Room. First impressions were very positive, with a much larger tasting bar that was nicely built and looked good as well. The room still has a very roomy feel and some away from the bar comfy chairs to sit at around small tables. Overall impressions of the remodeled space were very positive. The space is well used and remains very service oriented and yet very comfortable.
The next nice surprise was the number of tasting options with one being the Lee Family Farm Label. In 2005, Dan introduced a second label, Lee Family Farms, intended to provide a fun outlet for his exploration of “alternative” varietals. These wines were absolutely delightful and at **** prices should be a standard at at everyones dinner table.

How refreshing it was to taste these lovely wines that are also not very common and that can be had for such reasonable prices. We recon these wines are hit over the boundary for six (home run for you Baseball fans). The current tasting possibilities are
Albarino, Verdelho, Grenache Rose, Tempranillo and Rio Tinto (blend of Portuguese varietals: Touriga Nacional and Touriga Francesca).After the Lee Family Farm Tasting it was on to the big guns of the Morgan Label. The current releases are very nice and although very well respected for their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the Riesling was very nice as were both the Syrah's. There were three different tasting options and perhaps you should mark the calendar with three visits and get started tasting some very nice wines.
Left that afternoon having purchased two wines (broke the one bottle rule) for future enjoyment. A simply delightful Lee Family Farm 2012 Albarino, The 2012 Albarino displays a beautiful pale straw color and has aromas of white peach, mango, and little citrus. On the palate lingering flavors of nectarine, nice acidity, and apricot. This is a light bodied wine which is delicious as an aperitif or with light summer fare. Next was a lovely 2011 Lee Family Farm Rio Tinto (a blend of 61% Touriga Francesa and 39% Touriga Nacional). On the palate, it is soft and velvet smooth with ripe concentrated blackberry and black cherry flavors, good acidity and a nice soft finish. Both wines rate 6-7 and ****. Great drops at great prices!

A great way to start a day on the Carmel Valley Wine Trail is a taste at Morgan, some lunch in the Crossroads (without moving the car) and then head on down into the beautiful Carmel Valley. When visiting Taste Morgan, tell em we sent you and say G'day.

Happy Tasting Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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