May 28, 2014

#WW Wine review Idle Hour 2011 Tempranillo

This last week one of the wines that stood out from the crowd was this spicy Spanish number from Idle Hour Winery. The 2011 Tempranillo was one of our favorites when we went for a quick scope em out tasting a few weeks ago and could not resist purchasing a bottle.

The wines of Idle Hour are produced in small lots using sustainably grown grapes and they make the wine gently, using native yeasts, gravity flow and other traditional methods. Winemaker Anna Marie dos Remedios tells us that her wine making practice is, "We do as little as possible..." that each wine is different than the other, hopefully expressing the character and subtlety that each variety can offer while showcasing the differences between each vintage and expressing the terroir of the vineyards. In actuality, this type of winemaking is anything but boring, with vintage to vintage showing the not so good years and hopefully showcasing the best vintages by producing some truly lovely wines. This one fit into the later.

This tempranillo has really nice floral aromatics typical of the best of the variety and on the palate light black pepper and spice with plum and blue fruit flavours upfront with nice acidity and fine tannins making this wine very food-friendly. The wine has nice length in its finish. Paired with a meal of spicy thick cut pork chops, broccolini and BBQ roasted olive oil potatoes it was a great match and one we will seek out again.

Winner of a BRONZE MEDAL at the 2014 SF CHRONICLE WINE COMPETITION - 01/10/14 we rate it at 6+ and ****.

Head on out to one of the two Idle Hour tasting locations and enjoy the wide range of wines to taste and find your next favorite wine.

Happy Wine Adventures,
Kiwi & Koala

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