May 24, 2014

Summer's Top Secret Wine tasting trips in California.

 Summer is fast approaching here in California, and going wine tasting is a great way to enjoy those great weather days. There are a number of great areas to go here in California, and we have covered some and will be covering more as soon as we can. We will focus on a couple of the less well known areas first. You may be the first of the wine ponce group, to plan a trip to one of these not as famous areas, once you find out what is to be experienced.

Some folks find the thought of going wine tasting both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Given the strange language that is often used and odd behaviour so we see how this could be. But not to worry as there really is nothing to be intimidated by. Your money is as good as anyones.
So plan a trip with a mate or friends and just have a good time. Nothing to be concerned about except too much fun. Read THIS to help you get started.

These are a number of places to get started. So stay tuned as we type up a storm and get you started  planning a trip as soon as possible.

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Happy Wine Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

1st one is River Road Wine Trail in Monterey County California.
2nd one is Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, California
3rd area is Wineries of Mendocino, California
4th area is Carmel by the Sea, California
5th area Carmel Valley, California

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