Jun 6, 2014

Drink with a forgiving heart...

That there are those among us, you've met them as have we, who assume that they know enough about a wine to chuck it in the bin after one go around. Quite pretentious and perhaps a little arrogant. There are a ton of reasons that can make a wine show poorly, from temperature and handling, to not so clean or soapy glassware. It could even be bottle or transportation shock, if you’re a believer in these phenomena.  There is the possibility that the cork in that one bottle is to blame. There is even the possibility that one may have a bad palette day. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Ok maybe not us, but pretty much everyone else! It could even be the other way around when you were having a good pallet day or were having one of those magic tasting or drinking moments with food and friends, and the next time you go to the bottle of amazing wine to share it’s a big embarrassment as now you are wondering what you saw, er we mean tasted in this impostor.
We know your not to chuffed about giving a wine a second chance once you've sussed it out and decided you don't like it, but we can tell you that at times we've been pleasantly surprised by a wine on the second go 'round. Sometimes something as simple as just a few extra months in the bottle can make a significant difference. It all boils down to having an open mind and realizing that we all (ok, not us) make mistakes or at least judge to fast and harsh sometimes. So next time you don't have a good experience with a wine, don't be so quick to blame the wine! Go back sometime down the track and give it another go! Let’s face it, none of us (especially us) like to think that first impressions are what mark us for life. So don’t be a hater , let bygones be bygones and drink with a forgiving heart.

Happy Tasting Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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