Jun 23, 2014

WineWalkabout Connects with Virgin Australia

Leg two of the trip was to be handled by Virgin Australia from Sydney to Adelaide
Running late from the previous leg of the journey with a previously mentioned nostalgia carrier I discovered a brilliant idea being used by Virgin Australia. As the crowd rushed to the gate there was, for those catching flights that were about to leave, extra lines for just that. They were well staffed as the crowd ebbed and flowed and they did not let the line get more than 4-5 deep when another service window would open. This allowed those of us that were about to panic to quickly and efficiently get checked in and through to the shuttle that was waiting to take us to the departure lounge. What a relief to have experienced some great forethought and people management put into action. They even held the transit shuttles to make sure we all got on and were delivered in time from the check in to the departure lounge.

The Virgin Australia plane was very nice, clean and seemingly well maintained. The cabin staff were attentive, attractive (bonus) and effective at their job (taking care of me). Based on this first experience with Virgin Australia we give them a 'Recommend', and will be giving them the first opportunity to take care of our flying travel needs in Australia.

Happy Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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