Apr 26, 2015

Hammersky, Paso Robles California

As strange as it sounds Cabernet was the entry wine for me in the late eighties while living in Paso Robles. There were just a few back then but the ones I remember enjoying many times were Eberle, Adelaida,  and Justin. There were others along the way as well like J Lohr, Parrish Family Winery and Michella. A few years ago we were introduced to a winery that at the time we had not heard of, but were soon to become big fans of. HammerSky Vineyards. Owners Douglas and Kim Hauck purchased the 50 acre property which is in the Adalaida / Willow Creek AVA property in 2007 and had a vision of a unique and picturesque  property, Doug and Kim tastefully enhanced the historic site to become a working winery and Inn that they could share with others. The vision is in place with extra points for overachieving.

The place is simply soul soothing with its tasteful and elegant tasting room with picnic tables just outside and the most welcoming lawn with oak tree area. A unique and tasteful 'Gone with the Wind' style renovated farm house that is the perfect base for a special trip to the area or a spectacular wedding venue. There is also a beautifully done southern style barn for your event.

Along with the beautifully executed property structures Doug was and is passionate about making truly special wines. Wines that express the best characteristics of this special place. There are twenty-five acres of estate vines at HammerSky Vineyards, which Doug and Kim named for their two sons, Hamilton and Skyler that were planted in 1997. The soil in these vineyards compares favorably with that of France’s renown Bordeaux region and is composed of shale, 152 linne calodo calcareous shale soils, limestone and calcareous sandstone. These soils encourage the vines to root deeply, and imparts a balanced minerality to the finished wine. "Hand crafted, and in small lots," Doug describes HammerSky wines as “Couture' crafted wines for the senses". As much as we enjoy some of these wine we are not about to question his description.

While we have enjoyed a number of HammerSky  the one that has truly redefined the baseline for Cabernet was the 2010 Limited Resource Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Now we try the 2012 Limited Resource Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines only yield 2.5 tons per acre by design for this hand picked beauty.
HammerSky says,
Doug’s pride and joy, Limited Resource comes from carefully selected estate Cabernet Sauvignon. This Cab has a beautifully rich ruby color, and a crisp clean nose full of red fruit and vanilla. The mouth feel is rich and full, while complex flavors of black raspberry, cinnamon, earth, and leather intermingle on the palate. A true Paso Robles Cab! Drinkable now, but will age well for the next five years. Eat with grilled meats or hearty pasta dishes.

So what do we think about it? Well lets just say Doug has good taste. This is a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon. So beautifully balanced with a hint violet on the nose as well as some red and black cherry with an interesting strawberry note and a bit of leather. The nice full mouth feel is filled with bright black cherry, Blackberry, plum, vanilla and a dark chocolate tannin finish and is simply well balanced and very well integrated with a smooth finish. This truly is a special wine that is a wonderful complement to a red meat meal. We paired it with a New York bone in steak, French fingerling potatoes, mushrooms and green beans and it was just amazing. For those enquiring minds this ** wine rates a 8 - 9 and is a very special drop. Technical description is 'wow yum'. Bloody Nora this wine is a genuine cracker!

Whether you are looking to enjoy fine estate wines, or relax in a historic farmhouse amidst a working vineyard, you will find HammerSky to be more than you imagine. The tasting room is open Thursday-Sunday or by appointment and the farmhouse is rented year-round. Doug and Kim Hauck, along with the friendly staff will welcome you to indulge in the elegant romance that is HammerSky. So head on over and get a taste of some truly unique and delicious wines and great hospitality and tell em we sent you.

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Here is a little video with Doug talking about HammerSky


  1. Have not had their wines before. Must make a point of going there next time we are up in Paso Robles. Cheers Ned

  2. Stopped by this last weekend and really enjoyed the wines. It is a perfect spot for a little picnic to.

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