Apr 5, 2015

#WW A Riesling worth drinking from Joyce Vineyards, California

When discussing wines it is always amazing that rarely if ever does the varietal Riesling get talked about, at least in the USA. While a number of vintners make a Riesling, most average, but they are generally very well priced there is surprisingly little interest in it. In Germany and Austria it is one of the top varieties grown and in Australia, specifically Clare Valley and Eden Valleys of South Australia it is a very sort after tipple. Riesling was estimated to be the world's 20th most grown variety.

So this begs the question of why this simply delightful wine is not more popular in the USA. Well someone smarter than us will need to figure that out as we continue to go taste and enjoy good Rieslings wherever we find them. One such great find is from a small family owned winery in Carmel Valley California. Joyce Vineyards is gaining a reputation for lovely wines. With a great portfolio of wines from sub $20 to some superb special releases there really is something for everyone.

Having enjoyed the 2012 Riesling previously we were drawn back when the rumor mill started talking of this vintages great Riesling. Not ones to shy away from the work of tasting and telling we were on it.

The Joyce 2014 Riesling from the Tondre Grapefield in the world renown Santa Lucia Highlands is a cracker! Purely and simply delightful. Here is how it went. Step one, went in for a taste. Yum (full tasting notes later). Continued tasting the new releases. Some more Yum's. When leaving realized that the notes were limited as too much focus was on the tasting and talking to the lovely tasting room staff. Then a brilliant plan was born, purchase two bottles to take away to taste privately and do an assessment, that'll do the trick.

First bottle; sat down to taste and write a review and got side tracked by emails and dinner activity and then noticed the bottle was empty. Notes were non existent but the one sure thing was that it was very much enjoyed.

The second bottle was taken along for a big event weekend and it was used to share and check the responses to the neophytes that usually just go for Chardonnay or Cabernet / Merlot (older crowd). The 2014 Joyce Riesling was well received with most wanting more. Which by the way was not forthcoming as there was still the tasting review to do. Next morning (11am) something delightful was called for to calm some nerves and well, yeah you guessed it, I knocked off the last two glasses. Oops!

What is remembered is the lovely balance and ease of drinking (whole bottle consumed and looking for more) and that clean mouth feel. With tart pear and a slightly sweet tart apple (trust us on this) as well as citrus notes and flavors and a subtle and enticing honeysuckle. With a nicely balanced acidity this wine keeps you coming back for more.

Serve this Riesling a little warmer than would be typical at about 54 deg F. This allows for all those delicious flavors to come out to play.

A **** priced wine that falls on the scale at 7-8. This is a wine that you can serve with confidence to any wine drinker. The perfect afternoon (late am) evening tipple to start the party whether it be a casual BBQ or a swank soiree, this is it!

Head on over to Joyce Vineyards tasting room and get some for yourself or order some wine online.
Tell the good folks there we sent you. While you are there tasting maybe you will see us there getting some more of this lovely Riesling.

Happy Wine Adventures,

Joyce Vineyards Tasting Room

19 East Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA
11:30am – 5:00pm 7 days a week.
Phone: (831) 659-2885
Fax: (831) 659-2885
Email: info@joycevineyards.com

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  1. Stopped by this last week end and tasted the wines at Joyce. Enjoyed most all very much. Bought a few bottles including the Riesling. You were right, it is a beauty! Loved it. MS


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