Apr 3, 2012

Crikey! What is that in your wine!

Summers come and go so it’s good to be prepared.

There you are sitting on the patio of some nice little wine bistro having a glass with a chosen companion on a lovely summer day and what do you hear? Plop, plop! The sound of ice cubes being dropped into a glass of wine! Are you kidding me! Ya bloody Galah! Ice, really?

A chunk of ice took out the Titanic! The ice age took out the dinosaurs! Back away from the ice cubes!

This practice is highly frowned upon by the wine ponce, although we are told by our parents that it used to be a common practice during those long hot outback summers. Also understand that along with ice a dash of 7-up (lemonade for the colonists) was a lovely addition to some Chablis (no, not going there).

But hang on Wal. What's really going on here? It's hitting triple digits (38c) and whether you have a Shiraz, Chianti, Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc, it is going to warm up quickly if you don't get on with it and knock it back. So what is a responsible wino to do? Drink beer out of a frosty mug. Okay, maybe not the first choice. But there is at least one solution you can use.

First off get an ice bucket with ice (not for in the glass!). Put the bottle on the ice or actually in it for 5 min to get it cooled down then on it to keep it cool. Once cooled appropriately, keep the bottle more in than out for whites, and more out than in for reds. You should pour smaller pours so you don't have to pour it down your throat before it warms.

What if you have ordered a nice bottle at a restaurant and when you get to taste it, it’s too warm? Ask them for an ice bucket and duplicate the above home remedy.

What about your temporarily abandoned glass of wine you left on the patio while you went off and got more nibbles.

Well kids, you have some choices to make. You could try to get it back in the chilled bottle and well, imagine all the funniest videos you might get out of that attempt. You could just as easily use a funnel (think tools). You could top it off with some colder fresh wine. Better yet don't leave wine in your glass to get hot ya drongo!

We know wine tastes better at specific temperature ranges and that is the idea behind the ice bucket. You can come up with any way you like to achieve the same result. Wait, is that ice cubes plopping? KOALA!!!

Don’t worry too much, your wine, your taste buds, your choice! Just don’t let Kiwi catch you!

 Kiwi and Koala

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